Replaced Alternator Car Still Dies

Replaced Alternator Car Still Dies: What’s Wrong With It?

You recently got your car’s alternator changed from an old to a new one, and still, your car dies, and it is not starting. In this scenario, there could be several reasons why your car keeps on dying; it may be because of the issue in the installation of the alternator or a fault in the battery. 

Sometimes people try to save money and time trying to diagnose the issues in the car. But lack of knowledge and experience can result in wrong replacement, whereas issues can be in the fuse box or something else draining your battery. 

So always do an expert diagnostic test before doing any repair by people who know the issue.

At times they get stuck in the town, or some situations, try to fix it by themselves but later have to face many repairs. Therefore always follow expert advice while doing things in your car. 

Most of the time, this issue, is related to an alternator or battery, and it is best to do diagnostics first and then do any other repair by a specialist.

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What Should You Do After Replacing The Alternator?

After replacing the alternator, it is advised to test it properly to ensure it is properly working and installed correctly. To test the alternator, look at all its wires and joints to see if they are appropriately tightened. 

So here is the step-by-step guide to check the new alternator to see if it is installed correctly:

  1. Check the wire harness, make sure it is tight, and check its connection with the alternator.
  1. If you find loose wires or connection problems with the alternator, repair them first.
  1. Check all the alternator’s internal components and ensure they are working correctly.
  1. After checking all parts, check to see if all wires are correctly connected to the battery terminals on both sides of the vehicle.
  1. Make sure that there are no loose wires inside the alternator and that none of these wires will be causing problems such as sparks in the engine or any electrical issues with the vehicle.
  1. Now start the car and if the alternator is working correctly, check all its wires and joints again to see if they are tight enough or need to be tightened. Also, check to ensure it has been properly fused with its battery terminal.

If you found something wrong with your new alternator, contact a professional person to fix it for you so that it can help you get your car back on the road faster.

My Car Dies After Replacing the Battery and Alternator: What is Wrong?

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Why Won’t My Car Start With A New Battery And Alternator?

If your car is not starting, but you are sure there is no problem with either battery or alternator, then there is a list of other issues that can cause this problem. For example, you can have an issue with the car’s fuse or spark plug that may prevent the vehicle from starting.

5 Reasons Your Car Won’t Start IDENTIFY SOUNDS for Battery and Alternator Issues

Apart from it, you may also have an issue with the engine or the ignition switch. 

So it is compulsory to find the reason for the issue and start fixing it. 

Here is the all other reason why your car does not start even if you have a new battery and alternator:

  • Faulty Fuses: Turn ON the ignition and the headlights. After a few seconds, turn OFF the lights, check fuses, and replace any blown ones. Examine if there is any burnt or broken wire in your fuse box, check the fuses, and replace them with a new one.
  • Faulty Ignition Switch: Check if you have a burnt or broken wire in your ignition switch. If yes, replace it with a new one as the best solution to fix your car.
  • Faulty Spark Plugs: If your spark plugs are not working correctly, you need to replace them with new ones. The car doesn’t start with a low battery; if you don’t get a spark from the spark plug, it can also lead to this problem. Check if you have a new spark plug for your car; if not, replace it with a new one. You may also need to change the plug tips, which can affect the spark.
  • Faulty Fuel Pump: If your car has a bad fuel pump or any other pump for air or water, your engine may not run properly. So check all the pumps of the engine and change them if needed.
  • Faulty Ignition Coil: If your ignition coil is not working correctly, you need to replace it with a new one for better performance of the car’s engine at the start of the running cycle.

If your car is not starting with a new battery and alternator, it may also show some sign of a faulty ignition module and a switch, for that matter. So check out the module and replace it with a new one if required.

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Do I Need A New Battery After Replacing The Alternator?

No, not necessarily. Many people believe that a faulty alternator can damage the battery too. There is no need to install a new battery if you have replaced the alternator until it is faulty or damaged. 

This is the myth as there is no such thing as the battery does not need to be changed with the alternator. 

Bad Alternator or Bad Battery, Easy Solved

You may need to replace the battery during the following conditions, Overcharging, Low voltage, Imbalance, and Excessive load. If your car does not suffer from this issue, then there is no need to change the battery.

The batteries come with specific life and certain miles limit. So it is recommended to change the battery after three years if you have not driven your car much. 

However, if you drive your car for a long distance, it will be better to change the battery after two years.

Can A New Alternator Drain A Battery?

Replaced Alternator Car Still Dies

It is rare but possible that a new alternator might be draining your battery. If you have a car stalling, having trouble starting, or showing signs of being low on power at the wrong time, one potential culprit could be your battery. 

And if your battery is fine, your alternator might have a problem. But how can you tell for sure? Although a weak battery will often show noticeable symptoms such as not starting and dying on idle, an alternator might not show any symptoms while still being bad.

How To Jump Start A Car With A Spare Battery?

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