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Subaru Bluetooth Pairing Problems: Learn The Fix!

There are several reasons why you’re having pairing problems with your Subaru Bluetooth. 

  • First of all, unpaired phones can disconnect and disrupt audio which can be resolved by pairing. 
  • Outdated software affects Bluetooth due to compatibility issues with new protocols. Check for software updates and install the latest version for potential connectivity fixes. 
  • Also, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth’s similar frequencies can lead to interference. So, turn off Wi-Fi on both your device and Subaru for a smoother experience.

It doesn’t end here. There are more reasons that lead to Subaru Bluetooth pairing problems. Hang tight with the article to know all of them along with the solutions. 

Key Takeaways

  • Clear the cache on Subaru STARLINK, input the device’s name, and use the password shown to pair your new device.
  • Then, check for software updates and install the latest version for potential connectivity fixes.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi on both your device and Subaru for a smoother experience.
  • Leaving the Bluetooth range weakens the connection, leading to music stopping. Manually reconnect the phone to the head unit when back in the vehicle.
  • Auto-connect relies on activated Bluetooth. Check your phone’s Bluetooth icon, switch it on, if off, and then play music.
  • A fully paired device list can prevent new pairings due to limited memory. Clear paired devices in Subaru’s Bluetooth settings to restore connectivity.

Subaru Bluetooth Pairing Problems: Reasons And Solutions

Bluetooth enables a wireless connection between your mobile device and your Subaru STARLINK multimedia system. This allows you to make hands-free calls, stream music, and get a turn-by-turn navigation.

At times, when you connect your device via Bluetooth, it might not function properly.

The issues below can cause disruptions during the connection process. In this section, we will know the reasons and solutions in a quick manner.  

Device not paired Ensure the pair 
Outdated software Update software 
Wi-Fi interference Ensure a stable internet connection 
Forgot to turn on the Bluetooth Ensure Bluetooth connection 
Paired device list Delete paired device 
Out-of-range and sudden signals dropManually connect the device 

Now, a comprehensive discussion is required to know the ways of resolving the issue. So, without wasting time, let’s get started.  

Reason 1: Device Is Not Paired

Some individuals use the Bluetooth system without connecting it to another device. This can lead to signal disruptions while driving, causing interruptions.

When you don’t pair your phone, it disconnects and disrupts the audio system. 


To avoid this, it’s recommended to add your new device to the STARLINK multimedia system.

  • Clear the cache and input the new device’s name. 
  • Subsequently, a password will be shown on the screen. This is followed by entering this password into the pairing device and pressing the okay button.

Reason 2: Outdated Software

Both your Subaru Outback and your device rely on software for tasks like playing music. When the software becomes outdated, the Bluetooth system can experience issues. It is also one of the reasons Subaru Starlink not working properly.

It happens due to compatibility issues and a lack of support for newer protocols. When your Subaru’s software is not up-to-date, it might not communicate properly with modern Bluetooth versions and protocols. As a result, Subaru’s Bluetooth system may have difficulty connecting to your device.

Device Is Not Paired
Source: vehiclehistory


If you encounter a connection problem, explore available updates on the screen. Navigate to the ‘Software’ option in the settings.

Installing the latest software version for your Subaru could potentially fix connectivity problems. This also resets your Starlink to a full working condition. Resetting is also vital when the Subaru keyfob doesn’t work after battery changes.

Reason 3: Wi-Fi Interference

Wi-Fi interference can also cause Subaru Bluetooth pairing problems because both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth operate on similar radio frequencies. When both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals share the same frequency range, they can interfere with each other. 

This leads to a weaker and less reliable Bluetooth connection. If Wi-Fi signals are active on the same frequency range, they can interfere with this hopping process.


To mitigate this interference, turn off Wi-Fi on both your device and Subaru while using Bluetooth. This separation helps avoid signal conflicts and provides a better overall experience.

Reason 4: Forgot to Turn on the Bluetooth

Your device links up with the SUV’s STARLINK multimedia system automatically. This happens because your device’s Bluetooth and the vehicle’s Bluetooth are typically turned on.

However, sometimes people accidentally turn off Bluetooth from the phone’s menu. So, when you get into the SUV, it won’t connect because you forgot to enable Bluetooth.


You must ensure to turn on the Bluetooth connection. If it’s not connecting correctly, start by checking the Bluetooth icon on your phone’s screen. If it’s off, switch it on. Then, play some music and enjoy your journey.

Reason 5: Paired Device List

A full paired device list in your Subaru’s Bluetooth system can lead to pairing problems due to limited memory capacity. A full list might not have enough space to accommodate new devices, which prevents pairing. 

Bluetooth connectivity can be challenging between your Subaru and your device due to these issues.


You must remove all paired devices from your Subaru’s Bluetooth settings. Then try re-pairing your device again. This can solve connectivity and pairing problems.

Paired Device List
Source: dyersubaru

Reason 6: Out-of-range And Sudden Signals Drop

Often, people connect their phones to the Subaru SUV’s head unit and then step away. If you take your phone with you, the connection weakens and the music stops.

This happens only when your phone is not within range. You can keep your phone inside the SUV and increase the music volume.


To avoid sudden signal drops, you can manually reconnect your device to the head unit when you’re back inside the SUV.

Subaru Bluetooth Setup Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step pairing guide for your mobile device with your new Subaru STARLINK multimedia system using Bluetooth. Follow the steps to get easily connected. 

  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your mobile device’s settings.
  • Then, on your STARLINK multimedia screen, go to Setup > Bluetooth > Add. This will display the STARLINK system’s name and PIN, making it discoverable.
  • Now, in your mobile device’s Bluetooth menu, select your Subaru STARLINK system. This will initiate the pairing process between the two devices.
  • Finally, your mobile device and Subaru STARLINK system are now successfully connected via Bluetooth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How To Reset Subaru Outback Bluetooth?

Begin by restarting your phone and allowing 2 to 3 minutes for the connection to stabilize. If the first step doesn’t work, try toggling your phone into airplane mode for a short while. Then, If the above steps don’t resolve the issue, there’s another method. Simultaneously press and hold the POWER, TUNE, and CD EJECT buttons for about 10 seconds.

Can A Factory Reset Fix Bluetooth Issues?

There is a high chance that a factory reset can fix Bluetooth issues. Typically, a factory reset restores the Bluetooth settings to their default state. That can help eliminate any misconfigurations or conflicts that may be causing the issues. Clearing Bluetooth caches and temporary data may resolve connectivity issues after resetting Bluetooth settings

What Is The Pairing Code For Bluetooth?

Pairing codes are generally 0000, sometimes shown as Pass-Keys, PIN codes, PIN numbers, or Passwords, depending on the device. However, the Bluetooth pairing code can differ between devices and manufacturers. Other codes you may notice like 1111 and 1234. Remember, certain devices might have their own distinct code.


Hopefully, you got to know Subaru Bluetooth pairing problems along with the reasons and solutions. 

Subaru Bluetooth pairing problem is really common. The solutions are pretty handy, you can solve this easily by yourself. If the problem still persists, seek assistance from a capable technician familiar with the problem, rather than anyone without expertise.

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