How To Jump Start A Car With A Spare Battery?

If you have drained your car’s battery and it is dead and cannot start, you can look for another spare battery to start the vehicle. You can jump-start the car using the spare battery by connecting the dead battery with jumper cables. 

There could be many reasons for your car not to start, a dead battery, faulty starter, etc., so you need to take your vehicle to a nearby local mechanic for the proper diagnosis. 

But you cannot do that until you start your car, so jump-starting the vehicle is a temporary fix that can help you start your car whenever you are stuck in the middle of nowhere to take your vehicle to the experts.

Jump starting your car with another battery can be done quickly if you have a little knowledge about the electric components of the vehicle; if not, then you can take the help of anyone or can learn to avoid this situation in the future.

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Steps To Jump-Start The Car With Another Battery

If you have a spare battery from your charger and you need to jump-start a vehicle, follow these steps:

How To Jump Start A Car With A Spare Battery?
  1. First, open the dead car’s hood to see its components.
  2. Then, grab the jumper cables and take out your spare battery to jump-start the car.
  3. Locate the positive terminal of the working battery. It is marked with a plus sign to indicate its polarity. Connect the red clamp from the jumper cable onto this positive terminal.
  4. Connect the black clamp from the jumper cable to the negative terminal of your dead battery.
  5. Put the key in the ignition and turn it over to On.
  6. Start up your car and give it a few minutes to charge its battery.
  7. Now disconnect all cables from the battery, re-connect them and close up your hood when you are done. 

When most people find themselves stuck in a dead car, they find themselves lucky if they even have a spare battery outside their trunk. But, for those who don’t, there are ways to start their car with another vehicle’s battery.  

My Car Dies After Jump Start: Here Is What To Do

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What Is Jump-Starting The Car?

How to jump start a car?

Have you ever wondered what the point of jumping a car was? You may have seen or heard someone mention it while trying to diagnose a battery problem with their car or jump-start another car. 

In contrast, it can be a confusing concept to understand at first, usually only if you are in a situation where this is necessary. 

For those who are unfamiliar with what jump-starting is? Jump starting your car means temporarily connecting to an external power source to your dead battery to start the vehicle.  

It is not a permanent power source but rather a temporary means to get the car started, then you disconnect and go. 

This is done by plugging in jumper cables to the vehicle’s battery terminals that need jump-starting and another car parked close enough so that you can reach those battery terminals.

Next, the other vehicle’s battery is connected to the battery of the car you are trying to start. 

The car will then run normally until the first vehicle’s battery is fully charged; when that happens, the jumper cables are disconnected, and the second vehicle’s battery disconnects from the first.

When Do You Need To Jump-Start Your Car?

You need to jump-start your car if the battery inside your vehicle is dead. There are different reasons why a car’s battery will die, some of which are caused by the driver, and others caused by external factors out of the driver’s control.

You may also want to jump-start your vehicle if there is any failure with the alternator or the starter before you get it into a shop and perform diagnostics. If the alternator or starter fails, you will likely be unable to start your car. 

In such a case, jumping is necessary to either drive it somewhere to get it examined and repaired or to allow you to run some errands while you arrange transportation.

Do Jumper Cables Go Bad?

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Is It Safe To Jump-Start The Car Yourself?

What happens when you Jump Start your car the WRONG WAY?

If you know what you are doing and have the proper knowledge about repairing the car, you can jump-start the vehicle yourself. But if not, then no, you should refrain from jumping starting your car and consult with a certified mechanic instead.

Jump-starting a battery can lead to issues like fuses blowing or hot wires snapping, which can be dangerous to you and those around you. Do not try jump-starting your car if you have time and a little mechanical knowledge. Instead, consult a local repair shop or mechanic.

Tips To Jump-Start The Car

There are many misconceptions about jump-starting a battery; you can avoid these by educating yourself on the dos and don’ts of jump-starting your car. To help you out with this matter, here are some of the tips that can help you jump-start the vehicle.

  • Choose the correct battery for your car.

You need to use the right battery for your car, not just any other one. Make sure your battery is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model, and remember that the type of battery you use might also affect its life span.

  • Choose the correct charger for your battery.

You may want to use a heavy-duty battery charger. However, before choosing a particular charger, ensure that it has not been in storage for long and is in good working order.

  • Check the terminals and cables.

Since corrosion can be one of the leading factors that cause car batteries to deteriorate and die, it is essential to check the terminals and cables regularly inside the battery case at least once every six months via visual inspection.

  • Don’t jump-start a battery if you are unsure what type it is 

If you jump-start your car with another battery, ensure that you have the same voltage on each battery or bring an expert who can ensure nothing will go wrong during the process.

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