Active Lane Management Unavailable Service Required – Let’s Fix the Issue

On a highway or dual-carriageway, active lane-keeping technology is aimed at helping the driver by automatically keeping the vehicle in its lane. If your vehicle is enabled with this function, that means several issues related to it will appear. One of them is the unavailable active lane management issue. 

In this guide, I have tried to resolve your confusion regarding the issue of active lane management unavailable service required. 

Temperatures outside, like heavy rainfall, wind, and fog may cause this issue. Or the ice from slush buildup or condensation is covering the sensors. Clearing the black sensor box located on the bumper fixes it. A flash upgrade for the EPS or simply rebooting the engine can also often fix the issue. 

Still not sure? Well, do not worry. Because in this guide, I have discussed it all. 

So, just keep reading.  

Active Lane Management Unavailable Service Required Problem

how do i fix service unavailable

Display of this type of message is very common for any vehicle enabled with Active Lane Management. 

There can be many causes why it tends to happen to your vehicle. Let us look into what those are in the next part. 


There can be several reasons behind this. 

  1. Turning the Shift Dial quickly 
  2. Outside Temperature 
  3. Direct Sunlight 
  4. Unclean Sensors 
  5. Loose Wirings

One reason that most users have verified is that it tends to happen when they turn the shift dial quickly.

This is yet another issue of jeep grand cherokee just like its screen delamination issue.

Also, temperature outside can be another reason for this. Maybe the temperature is below freezing. Or perhaps there is ice from slush buildup or condensation coating one or more sensors.

Also, fairly heavy rainfall, wind, and fog will cause your Active Drive Assist not to work during the worst of it. And this type of message appears.  

Unclean sensors can also be a cause for this. When the sensors get clogged by something especially slush this issue arises. 

Along with that, when wiring gets loose this issue of active lane management unavailability takes place. 

It can also happen when the Jeep is facing directly into the setting sun. The light overpowers the camera and the sensors stop working. 

If you hit the button that engages the system on the center console, the issue can arise. 


Well, do not worry because the solution is not too complex. At least not as difficult as cleaning FCW sensor.

Here I will be demonstrating the solution in a step by step and easy to grasp manner. Follow each step very carefully without skipping anything. And just like that your issue should be fixed. 

Step 1: Clearing the Sensor

To fix this issue, you need to clear the black sensor box that is located above the bumper. Especially during the below-freezing days.

Step 2: Get it Checked Out

Also, get it checked out to see if the code that came out is due to the EPS Fault. If so, a flash upgrade is needed. So, make sure to perform the flash upgrade for the EPS. That should fix the issue.

Step 3: Consider Rebooting

Also, you need to turn the engine off at a red light. Then turn it back on. Just rebooting like this can clear the error. 

Step 4: Complete the Process

And in case you hit the button engaging the system on the centre console, simply turn the engine off. Then, you are gonna have to hit the button. This way it would start working again. 

Following these instructions, you will be able to resolve the unavailable active lane management system. 

How does Jeep Active Lane Management work?

The location of the car within the lane is determined using a tiny camera or sensor, which is often installed on the rearview mirror. The amount of steering angle needed to maintain the car inside the white lines is then calculated using this information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why isn’t my Lane Assist working?

The lane assist is not working due to debris, grime, fog, frost, or water on the windshield, the camera is blocked. The other vehicle is too close to you as you drive. Or switching from a situation where there are no lane markings to one where there are. The road is surrounded by standing water which could be another cause for this. 

What does the lane departure warning problem mean?

This is actually a safety alarm offered to the driver. If the driver starts to veer off the travel lane, Lane Departure Warning will provide an alarm. The system sends the driver visual and auditory alerts if there is a chance that the car would inadvertently veer off the traffic lane.

Does Lane-Assist use cameras?

Yes, a lane departure camera, infrared sensors, and lasers are used as input devices in lane-assist technology. The camera is generally found in the front or rearview mirror of your vehicle. In some models, the camera is literally fixed to the back of the car.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully,  I have resolved all your queries of active lane management unavailable service required. 

Now you have this comprehensive guide handy. From here you can figure out the actual reason that matches your case. Then go for the solution. As I have explained everything here, it should not be a hassle for you. 

This is all as of now. Have a terrific day!

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