My Car Is Too Low, How Do I Raise It?

If you notice that your car is too low and does not have too much ground clearance, you need to take your vehicle to enjoy off-road driving; then, there are multiple things you can do to raise it. 

You can either buy a good suspension lift kit, fit larger tires, or even buy coil springs spacers to do the job. 

Modifying the cars to look rugged and attractive is common among new car owners. But they forget to know the pros and cons of the modification, which helps the driver to know if they are worth it. 

Now you should note that you don’t just go on changing parts without any plan or understanding of how it works unless you are sure how it will affect your car’s handling, ride, and performance.

Thus if you are unsure, you should take the help of a professional to raise your car’s level as they have better knowledge and tools to modify.

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Can Lowering A Car Cause Problems?

If you are into a lower-level car, you should know that it can cause some problems too. Watch out for increased wear and tear if you want to lower your car to make it look better. Apart from wear and tear, it also causes rubbing of tires on the car’s bodywork and also causes more stress on suspension and other parts of the vehicle. 

5 Things You Should Know Before Lowering Your Car

Here is the list of problems that may be caused after lowering your car:

  1. Reduction in ride quality: When you lower any car, then the weight of the vehicle will be reduced. This will make the body of your car move at a different angle, reducing the ride quality of your vehicle. This can cause an impact on handling, braking, and acceleration.
  2. Lowering causes rubbing: Lowering your car will reduce the tires’ suspension travel and load-carrying capacity. This means that if you lower the height of your vehicle, then you are in danger of wearing out tires easily. You must check that your tires are not rubbing on your car’s bodywork. If you find any signs of rubbing, make sure you change tires immediately.
  3. Impact on tire sidewall and shoulder: Lowering your car can cause damage to the rubber/ urethane compound in the tire and impact pivot points of the suspension system in your vehicle.
  4. Increased wear and tear: Lowering a vehicle will cause it to slide more, increasing the friction between braking components and reducing brake effectiveness, making it necessary for you to replace brakes early.
  5. Decrease in Shock absorption capability: When you lower the height of your car, you will reduce its ability to absorb shocks from bumpy roads, which also increases tire wear and can reduce fuel efficiency.
  6. Handling problems: Lowering your car can cause handling problems. Because you will have a lower center of gravity, this will lead to an increased chance of steering wheel angle, which can affect your car’s handling while driving.

How Can I Raise My Car Level?

My Car Is Too Low, How Do I Raise It?

If you want to raise the level of care, you can use the tips below to get the job done.

  • Install large tires:  If you want to raise the level of your car, then you’ll need to install a larger set of tires in the back. That will help you get a little extra height and a smoother ride on rough surfaces. If you are looking for new tires, it is always best to invest in taller ones. They will be perfect for giving your car a little more height and also ensure that your ride is softer on rougher surfaces than before.
  • Raise the suspension: Another great way to ensure that your car has the proper clearance is by raising it on springs or coils so that there is less rubbing against the ground when driving over bumps and potholes. Again, that’s a great way to get your car level. Even if you don’t have to go off-road, adding a suspension lift kit may still be the best way to get your car level. Since they are made of steel and aluminum, they can help you gain a few inches of height while still maintaining the ride quality of your car. Lifting kits are available in both professionally installed and DIY varieties.
  • Install coil springs spacers: Coil suspension spacers come in various shapes, sizes, and materials such as soft aluminum and plastic. Either way, they are designed to smooth the ride when your car is driven over bumpy surfaces. If you have wanted to get your car level, then these will be an excellent investment for you to buy.
How to raise a car that is too far lowered

It’s always great to go with a professional setup since they can give you all the proper measurements for your car, install it perfectly, and do all the necessary maintenance afterward to run in peak condition for years to come.

If you want a solution to get your car level, use a suspension lift kit. They are the easiest and most effective way to add height while keeping the ride quality of your car intact. You’ll have so much more fun cruising around town, plus you’ll be able to tackle any road that comes your way.

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How Much Does Adjustable Suspension Cost?

If you want a whole adjustable suspension kit, you should know that it can be expensive. But if you want to replace the shock absorbers, you can get them for around $300 to $700. But if you install the whole kit, you must spend around $1500 to $3000. 

The rate may vary according to the rate of labor in your area. However, the adjustable suspension gives the driver an option to adjust the car’s level by adjusting the suspension for a smoother ride. 

It gives maximum comfort and a better driving experience. It also helps to reduce wear and tear. Adjustable suspension is a system by which a driver can adjust the suspension according to his requirements. For example, it can be adjusted according to the car’s height, the load it carries, etc.

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