Airtekk Vs Airlift; Perfectly Explained.

Airtekk and Airlift are two of the more popular air suspension systems in the market. These systems have a lot in common, and it is easy to install, use, and offers lots of functionality.

Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option or something with greater functionality, this guide will compare the two systems to help you decide which is right for you. 

Whether you have a bad air suspensions system or are thinking of updating it with a modular one, both of these air suspension systems are considerable. But below, you will get all the knowledge about air suspension systems and their effects on your cars.

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Difference Between Airtekk And Airlift?

The main difference between Airtekk and Airlift suspension is their load capacity. Airtekk can hold the load capacity of 10,000 to 12,000, whereas Airlift can hold the capacity of 5000 only. 

The next difference between them is the price. Airtekk is quite more costly than Airlift. You need around $1500 for Airtekk, whereas Airlift comes in $500.

What Are Air Suspension Systems?

Air suspension is an adjustable system used to suspend the wheels above the ground. This system can improve off-road capability by allowing a vehicle to maintain consistent ground clearance over different terrain types and has improved load-carrying capacity.

It also helps to improve a vehicle’s aerodynamics by pushing more air downwards towards the road surface, which decreases drag and increases fuel efficiency. 

The air suspension system consists of many components such as Lines, Valves, Solenoids, Shock absorbers, etc. If you want to buy or upgrade your suspension system, you can buy the air suspension kits directly instead of buying separate components.

What Is The Purpose Of The Air Suspension System?

Air suspension systems are an automotive technology that helps the vehicle maintains a leveled or near-level ride through air springs. This system is used in passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks.

The main difference between an Air Suspension system and a typical coil spring system is that air suspension uses pressures to help level the ride height instead of relying on older systems. 

Most vehicles on the road today include air-suspension technology. Looking at a typical air-ride system for comparison, you can see that vehicle manufacturers have introduced several new systems and technologies over the years.

Air suspension systems are responsible for several technological advancements in today’s automotive industry. One of the most significant developments is that a vehicle can maintain the correct ride height level regardless of whether it is fully loaded or empty.

Another benefit of air suspension is eliminating the “bottoming out” with some vehicles. This eliminates bouncing and swaying because of uneven loads, common with plain suspension systems in trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles.

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Airlift Vs Airtekk: Which One Is Better?

Air Suspension: Which kit should I buy?

Airlift Air Suspension Kit

If you went to the market to buy the air suspension kits, every seller would recommend Airlift kits. They are popular in the auto market. 

You can think of buying this air suspension system as they:

  1. Can stand the maximum pressure of 100 psi which is very impressive
  2. It comes with the warranty of lifetime, and hence you can guess they are a very durable suspension system
  3. Have a loading capacity of 5000 pounds.

Airtrekk Suspension System

These suspension systems are also very famous and have features worth buying for many customers.

  1. They are lightweight and increase the stability and handling of the vehicle.
  2. They have a suspension rating of 12000 pounds.
  3. They require very little maintenance and improve the comfort of the driver.

Thus in last, the Airtekk suspension system is more costly than the Air-lift system; hence, you can decide which suspension system you want according to the above features and which one fits under your budget.

What To Look For In Suspension System Before Buying?

An air suspension kit is one of the many ways to improve your vehicle’s handling, stability, and overall driving quality. However, there are several factors you should consider before making a purchase. 

For instance, an air suspension kit will boost your vehicle’s comfort and handling, or about its Load capacity and warranty, and durability. 

For example, installing an air suspension in your ride may enhance its handling at the expense of its comfort and seating area. 

In addition, air suspension kits may have a reputation for being difficult to install. This can cause additional costs both for you and your mechanic. Thus, it would help to look at a few factors before buying any suspension kit from the market.

  • Load Capacity

The first and foremost thing you should look at is the load capacity of the suspension system. The suspension system should be able to lift or withstand the weight of your car easily. 

That is why it should be checked thoroughly. According to your vehicle, you can buy the air suspension system starting with a load capacity of 5000 pounds.

  • Pressure

The next thing to look upon is the pressure. The air suspension system works on the air pressure; it is easy to adjust them according to the requirement. That is why go for the higher value of pressure offered by the suspension system.

  • Durability 

To make sure that your suspension does not cost you much, you should check the durability of the suspension system. There are various products in the market, and several give the warranty of two to four years while some provide a lifetime warranty.

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Reasons Why You Should Consider Updating Air Suspension Kit

There are a couple of reasons why you should choose to upgrade your air suspension kit:

  • Your Vehicle Handles Better

The best way to boost the feeling of control in your vehicle is with an air spring. The more control it feels like you have over the car, the more confidence you can have when driving. 

In addition, you can go for more extreme situations no matter the driving you do; air springs are beneficial. So whether you need better control on the road or off, an air spring is a great way to improve your vehicle’s handling.

  • The Overall Driving Experience Is Improved

When you add on an upgrade like an air suspension kit, it improves the overall feel of your ride. You can enjoy additional comfort during everyday driving or take advantage of better handling while speeding down the highway. 

You experience what it will be like to have a vehicle with added comfort and stability without making significant changes.

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