Put The Wrong Key In The Ignition Now Car Won’t Start; Why?

Yes, your car won’t start until you use the right pair of keys; they do not start with the same-looking wrong keys. If you misplaced the keys and want to start the car, you can use the key of the same cut as the original to start the vehicle. 

It is very irritating when you are on the road and tries to start the ignition with the key, but it won’t start and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. 

There could be many reasons your car won’t start even though you use the right pair of keys. For example, the keys can be worn out, causing problems in unlocking, or they might be sticking in the lock, causing you to issue turning the ignition on.

So whichever the case is, it is better to call the mechanic or locksmith to fix the issue. A damaged lock cylinder bent key, or worn-out locks also can be the reason.

You can replace the ignition lock if your keys are not working correctly. Or you can use the spare pair of keys to start the car if your original keys are not working. But if it is not the problem, you need to consult the mechanic who will help with the proper diagnosis and fix it. 

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What Happens If You Put The Wrong Key In The Ignition?

If you put the wrong key, you will not be able to turn on the ignition, and if your car has an alarm system, the alarm will automatically be triggered and start making a noise. In addition, if you put the wrong key in the ignition, you may damage some parts of your car or cause a tough time when trying to start your vehicle. 

Put The Wrong Key In The Ignition Now Car Won't Start; Why?

So it is better and essential that you make sure that you always put the right key in your car’s ignition. Nowadays, modern car keys are made up of chips and software.

 The reason why there is a microchip inside them is to keep the information about your vehicle intact. 

The alarms detect the wrong key, and it goes on as it is one of the car’s safety features to protect from a stranger trying to start the vehicle with the wrong key.

So do not try to start the ignition from the wrong key pair. Generally, it is an easy fix. All you have to do is take the key out of the ignition and try to use it again. You could also call a locksmith or go to an auto center and get help from them if needed.

Can A New Key Cause Car Not Start?

Yes, a new key causes the car to not to start in some circumstances. Nowadays, every brand uses digital keys, which do not require you to put in the ignition to turn it on physically. 

So if you recently changed or bought the new automatic or digital key, then it might be faulty, or if its battery is dead, then it wouldn’t work in these circumstances. 

So, what you need to do when buying the new key is he need to check if this key will work with your car or not. You can ask the seller to show you a test drive of that new key before buying it. 

Also, if it is not programmed accordingly, it will cause issues in starting the ignition. To solve such an issue, you will have to call the dealer or authorized service center to program it accordingly. If they can’t fix it, you must change the new key.

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How Do I Reset My Ignition Key?

When the ignition key doesn’t turn, the dash lights flash, and you will see the error on your dashboard regarding the car’s remote or key. Thus, if you have purchased a new key or changed the battery of your old key, you can try to reset the key before starting your car. 

So if you do not know how to reset the ignition key, then do not very as it is easy and will take you only one minute to do it.

First, bring your key near the car and ensure that the vehicle is locked and its doors are closed. Now you can try to lock and unlock the vehicle using the key, or you can put the car into the key fob and then try to lock and unlock the vehicle to make the light turn off and reset your ignition key.

But remember, the key should be near the car to be able to reset, and different brands of cars use different styles of programmed keys, so it might use a slightly different approach to reset the key. So you can ask somebody or call your car’s service center to know how to reset the key.

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What Causes The Ignition To Lock Up?

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The ignition lock-up is one of the most common causes of engine failure in modern cars, which is why it’s so important to know what causes it. It’s a result of various factors, including wafers of the ignition lock getting stuck that is not allowing your key to turn or failure of the ignition cylinder if your car has the mechanical ignition lock. 

But nowadays, most cars use advanced ignition locks, which are more protected, and use the chip to identify the key, and the software that carries out all the process might have issues causing the ignition to lock up.

Many drivers, sometimes in a hurry, try the bent key or bend using force while turning the ignition on. But you need to understand that the bent or damaged key will not work and can also damage another part of the ignition lock if you continue to use it.

You must understand that the ignition lock and the car’s key should be compatible or working right to start the vehicle. 

The company makes unique car and ignition locks for safety purposes, so if you are not careful in putting up the key and starting the engine, you can damage the lock system.

So the most common reason behind the ignition lock failure is that it has been damaged, and you need to change it if you have a problem starting your car. 

A mechanical lock is more likely to get damaged, creating problems for you. If you face this problem, you must check the ignition cylinder and replace it if needed.

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