How To Disable Steering Wheel Lock Without Key?

You can use the hammer and screwdriver for using the force to disable the steering wheel lock. You can also try the WD40 canned spray, and it helps to free the steering lock. 

Most cars manufactured in the past five years have a system that locks the car’s steering wheel when parked for safety purposes. You cannot steer the car when activated unless you insert your key into the steering column or otherwise disengage it. 

This can help prevent theft of your vehicle, but what if your key is unavailable? The methods discussed below will guide you through disabling the steering wheel lock. 

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Why Do Steering Wheel Locks?

The main purpose of a car company to install an automatic steering wheel lock is for the safety purpose of the driver. 

  • For The Safety Of The People 

It is beneficial. Parents commonly use them to keep their children from hurting themselves or others and are often found in school buses and taxis. So you will notice that whenever you turn the ignition off and take your key out, the steering wheel gets locked up.

  • To Prevent Car Theft

There are also benefits for drivers themselves, such as theft prevention. The steering wheel of your car gets locked when you leave it unattended at the parking lot or in the driveway. Its purpose is to protect the car owner from theft and car accidents while they’re not around.

These are the two common reasons why your car has the automatic steering wheel lock feature and why it is getting locked automatically. 

But if it is not opening up with your key, the steering wheel is locked because of the fault lock system. 

Thus, it is common with the steering wheel locks where they get jammed or stuck, which won’t unlock. Thus, in this case, you can either try to open this lock or get it done by the mechanic. 

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How To Unlock Steering Wheel Without Key, Plus Other Tips And Tricks?

How to Free a Locked Steering Wheel

You might be wondering how to disable locking without using a key. 

Of course, you won’t be able to turn it off with a coat hanger or anything else less sturdy, but there are two ways you can successfully do so without damaging anything yet still get around easily on your next ride-share adventure.

  • Unlocked Steering Wheel Lock By Loosening 

This will be the easiest and most affordable method of disabling the locking system without a key. You can use the sprays available in the market to the ignition hole to lubricate it. The steering can also be locked because some dirt sticks to your lock. 

Thus, using the canned spray will help get out all the dirt and free the stuck locks. You can also take the help of a car key to remove the dirt and debris trapped in the steering wheel’s lock. So keep rotating the key to slide in the key to unlock the jammed-up wheel lock. 

  • Unlock It On Your Own 

Now to disengage the lock on your own, you can use another key if your car’s key fails to open it. This is because the vehicle’s spare keys work up most of the time to unlock the wheel lock. 

If this method doesn’t work, try the WD40. It is a spray which you have to pour into the ignition hole and now put your key in it and try to unlock it. This helps the frozen lock lubricate and can work if you have a well-maintained car.  

Not everyone has a key to their car, but with these helpful tips and tricks, you will be able to unlock your steering wheel without it. 

The first tip would be to slowly turn the steering wheel in one direction until the lock becomes loose enough for you to pull on it gently. 

Next, slowly turn the steering wheel in another direction until the lock becomes loose enough for you to pull again. Repeat this process four more times, and the lock should come off completely.

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Unlocking Through Ignition Replacement Set.

The steering wheel lock is a very common security feature that many car manufacturers implement to prevent criminals from taking your car by simply breaking into the ignition and disengaging the lock.  

If you are suffering from the problem of the steering wheel locked, then there are ways in which you can get it fixed. 

The best way for you to resolve this problem is by replacing your ignition set with one that has an integrated key. 

This will allow for seamless installation and hassle-free use of a new lock for years down the road. 

However, this method requires proper knowledge of tools and technology, so if you know how to do it, you should only proceed with the replacement of ignition. 

The steps to replace the ignition system are:

  1. The first step is to remove the ignition column panels with the help of a screwdriver to start with the replacement process. Next, remove all the covers from the top and bottom of the column. 
  2. The next step is to free the cylinder lock. Try putting your key inside the ignition port, rotating it, and pressing the tab to pull the cylinder backward. 
  3. Now install the new ignition lock system, and you can take the help of professionals to do it. Now put back the column to its place to complete the process of fixing the lock. 

These are the steps that you can follow to replace the ignition set to solve the problem in your steering wheel locking system. 

What Is The Cost Of Fixing Steering Wheel Lock?

The average cost of repairing a steering wheel lock is around $100 to $200.

But this cost can vary from place to place, and there are many factors involved in calculating the cost of your steering wheel lock fixation. 

The cost also depends upon the type of car and problems you have in your car’s lock and which parts need to be replaced. 

Thus if you take your car to the best mechanic in your town, the cost could get even higher. This is because they have a slightly higher service charge, and they offer quality in your vehicle servicing. 

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