Swift Springs On BC Coilovers; A Must-Read One

Swift Springs On BC Coilovers; A Must-Read One

If you are wondering whether you should put swift springs on bc coilovers or not, then you should know that swift springs are a personal choice and an upgrade that varies from individual to individual. 

But when it comes to increasing the performance, swift springs indeed do the work. Swift springs allow the individual to tune your suspension to make the ride smoother and faster. So each of your rides will be enjoyable. Even gravel in free penny slots online can’t be compared with such a ride.

Most of the chassis come with stock springs that are poorly designed and don’t allow for a good ride without bottoming out. But when you add in swift springs, it offers a track-oriented suspension that will make your car handle much better.

Most of the BC coilovers are compatible and of the same size that fit with swift springs, so this is why they are recommended with Swift springs. But it does not mean you cannot use the swift springs with other coilovers; you have to take care of the specs and size of the coilovers and swift springs before installing the upgrade.

Getting the parts from a reputable dealer with high-quality standards is best. Thus, if you do not know much about the swift springs and want to know what they are and whether they affect performance or not, then you should keep reading. Below you will get all the info regarding the swift springs.

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What Do Swift Springs Do On Coilovers?

Swift Springs On BC Coilovers; A Must Read One

Swift springs are the best springs that you can get for your coilovers. You will notice that swift springs are suggested wherever you go for the Coilover testing, as they are an excellent upgrade for your suspension system. Swift springs for coilovers are suitable for racing and city life where the car is used for regular city drives. 

Swift springs are a popular upgrade as they are strong and top-quality. If you go for springs other than swift, you will notice the drooping. This is because your car will not be able to enhance its performance because of too much play in the springs.

Thus you can go for swift springs if you want to enhance your car’s performance and make the ride even smoother and more consistent.  

Should You Get Swift Springs?

Why You Should Care About Spring Rates on Your Car?

The answer to this question depends upon the advantages swift springs provide. So to know whether swift springs are a better deal for your car or not, let’s look at some of their benefits.

  • Swift springs have fewer coils: One of the reasons why swift springs are famous in the automobile industry is that it has less number of coils than any other brand out there. This makes them lighter so that they can react faster and better, which is a must if you have a racecar.

Thus you will notice that cheaper springs will have a large number of coils which makes them unable to enhance the car’s performance. So in terms of weight, Swift springs are a better choice.

  • Get consistent spring rates: Swift can produce consistent spring rates because of their alloy. They use the proprietary steel alloy named HSS.TW, which makes the spring rate throughout the stroke consistent. It is also durable against the loss of spring height, and they are one of the lightest springs on the market.
  • 2. Swift springs are easy to install: They offer their customers easy installation without requiring special tools and effort. As a result, they are more stable than any other brand out there.
  • Swift springs last longer: They are made with one of the strongest materials, making them ultra durable. As a result, they last longer and you do not have to worry about changing them every then and now. They are claimed to be the long-lasting springs that last for many years without ever breaking. 

This is because of the special metal alloy they use. Many scientists have proved it to be non-rusting and corrosion-proof, making it capable of handling any environment, including in high-altitude areas.

So, apart from this, they also provide the largest stroke, and you can customize the spring rate. But one of the most important advantages is that they consistently provide good stabilization and are commonly used by race car drivers.

Is Coilovers Worth It?

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What Is The Spring Rate On BC Coilovers?

The spring rate on BC coilovers is anywhere between 5K to 20K. 

You should know that for those who do not understand the spring rate or why it is essential. In simpler words, spring rate means the amount of weight needed to compress the spring one inch. 

So it is the relation between load and deflection. The larger the spring rate, the more load it takes to compress the spring one inch.

The less the weight is needed to compress a spring, the more deflection in response to force applied. It is also worth noting that with a stiffer coil, a given amount of weight will produce greater deflection than if you have a softer coil.

So people use the term “spring rate” to refer to how much a vehicle’s suspension reacts when hit. Some upper-end performance cars even use an adjustable spring to improve steering response. 

So this spring rate is one of the important factors when choosing the springs for your car’s suspension system.

What Spring Rate Do I Need?

Are Swift Springs Stiffer?

No. Swift springs are softer, and they use their engineered material to make the springs strong and lighter. Lighter springs mean they react to the track condition faster and do perform well at a similar spring rate than those of other ones.

People often get confused that they are only recommended for tracks or faster cars, but this is not true; the swift springs provide an upgrade to any vehicle that uses cheaper quality springs. 

They provide balanced performance for the task, to race or cruise in the city. In addition, they make the ride smoother.

Swift springs come in a linear model as a company does not make progressive ones. The linear springs have the same diameter along their entire length. So they make linear springs that result in a Consistent Spring Rate, an advantage in adding load. 

How Long Do Coilovers Last? Perfectly Explained.

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