How Long Do Coilovers Last? Perfectly Explained.

If you have owned a car with coilover shocks or springs for 10 or 20 years, you already know how important it is to keep your suspension system in good condition. The longevity of your suspension depends on the materials and quality of the parts you use. And it also depends on how well you care for your suspension system.

A good set of coilovers that are installed and maintained correctly could last a long time—150,000 miles or more. The first issue that you should consider when it comes to maintaining your coilover suspension system is the type of material that you use to make the springs and shocks. You should choose springs and shocks made from cast-iron or steel. So here is How Long Do Coilovers Last?

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What Are Coilovers?

How Long Do Coilovers Last?
How Long Do Coilovers Last?

In this case, we’ll refer to them as coilover shocks. Coilover shocks are designed to reduce the movement of the car’s suspension components, which can improve the handling of the vehicle, as well as the ride height.

A properly designed and installed coilover shock is made to keep the car’s suspension components from bottoming out when the car hits a bump or a pothole. The coilover shock is attached to the spring seat of the car’s shock absorbers. When the car goes over a bump or a pothole, the suspension component moves up and down.

This movement causes the spring seat to move back and forth in relation to the shock absorber. A coilover shock is designed to hold the spring seat in place. This keeps the suspension component from moving back and forth in relation to the shock absorber.

Coilovers are designed for two reasons: to improve a vehicle’s handling, and to lower the vehicle’s ride height.

Coilovers are an interesting addition to any vehicle which makes it possible to have a more comfortable ride and gives the owner the opportunity to fine-tune the handling of his / her vehicle as opposed to being stuck with the factory setting.

While there are some non-adjustable coilovers out there, most people choose to just spend the extra couple hundred dollars to get the adjustability in both ride height, damping, and sometimes camber, which makes coilovers special.

How To Maintain Coilovers?

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The first thing you should do to maintain your coilovers is to have them checked regularly by a qualified mechanic. This will give you early warning if there is any kind of problem with your coilovers before it becomes a major concern.

By having your coilovers checked regularly, you can catch any problem early and take care of it immediately. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

The second thing you should do is have all of the fluids in your vehicle checked and replaced as needed. Make sure that you check the brake fluid, power steering fluid, gear oil, and whatever other fluids your vehicle requires.

The next thing you should do is have your alignment checked and corrected as needed. A properly aligned vehicle will run more efficiently and be safer to drive. Improperly aligned vehicles tend to wear out their suspension components faster.

The fourth thing you should do is make sure your vehicle is up to code with all of its safety equipment. This includes having the proper tires, brake pads, shocks, and alignment. 

How To Adjust Coilovers?

If you notice any unusual noises or squeaks coming from your vehicle, you should take a look at your coilovers. This will help you find out what is causing the noise. You should always use your hands when working on your suspension system.

You can use a socket wrench or a drill, but you should not use a hammer to work on your suspension. The reason for this is that you want to avoid damaging the components of your suspension system.

When you get to the point where you need to adjust your coilover shocks, you should loosen the bolts that hold the shock shafts to the top of the strut assembly. Then you should remove the springs and shock shafts.

Although this may be true, you should also be careful because you don’t want to damage the inner spring. You should tighten all of the bolts after you have adjusted your coilovers.

Before you start tightening the bolts, you should measure the distance between the top of the spring and the top of the strut. This will tell you how much you should adjust your coilovers.

When you adjust your coilovers, you should make sure that you don’t over-tighten the bolts. Overtightening the bolts will damage the springs.

How To Repair Coilovers?

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If you ever need to repair your coilovers, you will need to remove the old components. You should be very careful when removing it.

First, you should turn off your engine so that the coilover parts do not continue to move while you are trying to remove them. Then you should pull out the old springs and shock shafts. After you have removed the old components, you should clean and lubricate them.

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