Do Coilovers Replace Struts

Do Coilovers Replace Struts? 

Even if you’re a casual car-lover, you’ve heard about coilovers and struts and other suspensions and their impact on vehicle performance. But, indeed, you can easily replace struts with coilovers as they have several pros and advantages of their own.

Coilovers are the reason for the improved performance and stability of your car. 

Do Coilovers Last Longer Than Struts? It varies mostly based on the usage type and driving style. However, if you use it for daily driving, it should last as long as the OEM shocks. There are people who have been using coilovers for over 60k miles without experiencing any problems. 

Also, coilovers do both the work of your struts and springs shock absorbers and are great as they are easy to customize according to your vehicle. They may be a little more expensive than the standard suspension, but it depends on one’s budget.

Thus if you want to replace your struts, you can take your car to the mechanic for proper installation. But there are certain things that you should know first before you make that choice, like knowing if they last longer than struts or what they are, cons, etc. 

Thus if you are curious to know whether you should change the struts with the coilovers, read the following guide.

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Coilovers Vs. Struts Off-Road.

Do Coilovers Replace Struts

It is no doubt that Coilovers are better than struts while going off-roading in your vehicle. They provide excellent comfort and resistance from bumpy rides.

They boost your vehicle’s performance and are easy to customize; it is widely used by people who prefer off-roading. The regular struts do not provide that much shock absorption as coilovers, and coilovers are also good for the handling and stability of the vehicle.

The coilovers have shock absorbers that can be adjusted according to the requirement. They act simultaneously as your vehicle’s spring and shock absorber and are also adjustable. 

They are used to decrease bounce when you drive through bumpy areas or a rough road. The installation of these devices is quite easy and does not require any special tools or expertise.  

They are necessary components in a normal vehicle used for road-going purposes; these components help reduce the vehicle’s impact on bumpy areas and reduce the bouncing of your car. 

One thing that makes coilovers better than strips is that they offer more adjustability in adjusting their stiffness and dampening properties.

Traction Control Light Blinking; Why?

Is Coilovers Worth It?

Coilovers are not so different from struts, but they have a few key differences that set them apart and make them worth the swap. So before you start, it’s important to understand what coilovers do, how they work, and why they’re worth the hassle.

What Is Coilover Suspension?

What Is Coilover Suspension?

Coilover suspension is a progressive bump-absorbing system that allows a car to maintain control of its suspension while increasing suspension travel. It is most commonly installed on sporty cars to provide attractive ride quality while lowering the car’s center of gravity and reducing the unsprung weight of the suspension. 

The process of installing coilovers is quite simple. 

The most popular form of Coilover is the strut tower bar. These bars come in different designs, but all require that you lower your car’s ride height and bolt them down to your car’s suspension strut towers.

Of course, you can use regular suspension strut towers, but the bars are more stable if you have the same type of suspension upfront. Once these coilovers are installed, you’ll notice a considerable difference in how your car drives. 

The ride quality will be much more comfortable, smooth, and considerably reduced body roll when cornering at high speeds and on tight roads or driving over deep dirt or gravel. 

Another thing to note is that coilovers don’t necessarily lower your car’s center of gravity.

Many people think that you’ll get rid of some of the body rolls by lowering the car, but your body roll is more affected by a well-tuned suspension than the actual ride height. 

Therefore, a vehicle can have coilovers with a higher ride height than stock suspension and have less body roll. This is why many people love the performance benefits without caring about a beautiful restoration.

Benefits Of Coilovers

There are several benefits of installing a coilovers suspension instead of regular ones. All the benefits are listed below in brief :

1. Excellent Handling 

Coilovers offer excellent handling compared to the standard suspension. This is because coilovers provide a more independent rate than a regular spring system.

2. Ride Height Adjustment 

Various types of Coilover systems can offer ride height adjustment and, in turn, allow for different performance configurations.

Benefits Of Coilovers 

3. Durability 

Coilover systems last much longer and have less wear and tear than the stock shocks, springs, or struts that come from your factory car. They are generally made from higher quality materials and will withstand more use over time without any issues.

4. Adjustable Dampening 

Some Coilover systems come with adjustable dampening, allowing you to control how “softer” or “firmer” your car rides. This is a great feature to have on your car after an upgrade, especially if you plan to use your vehicle for different purposes, i.e., cornering vs. cruising.

5. Lower Center of Gravity – Coilovers, when installed correctly and appropriately adjusted, lower the vehicle’s center of gravity while improving handling during spirited driving sessions or track days.

Are Coilovers Better Than Struts?

Yes, coilovers suspensions are better than struts. Coilover suspension is a type of suspension in which the spring is located inside compressible helical steel tubes or flat springs. At the same time, dampers are inserted in the upper end of the tube to control motion. 

There are many advantages to this type of suspension, most notably its increased durability and performance over other suspensions. 

In addition, Coilovers generally offer a wider range of adjustment for handling and ride height than traditional leaf spring suspensions and lower unsprung weight for improved traction.

They can also be easily mounted to one part of a vehicle, such as headlights or bumpers, allowing designers more flexibility when designing vehicles. 

Thus, if you have a good budget and want high quality and the best suspension, you can go for it without any doubt.

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