My Car Keeps Getting Dusty; Why?

If you use your car on a regular day-to-day basis for work, you know how hard it is to clean the vehicle. No matter how hard you try to protect your vehicle from getting dusty, dirt is almost impossible to prevent from getting inside your car. 

But, many ways and products come on the market to clean the dirt inside the vehicle to make it look clean as new.

 Dust inside the car forms if your vehicle is not used for long. It is better to use your vehicle regularly to avoid dust on the seats, dashboard, and floor. But in case you cannot use your car regularly, you can use the following tips to clean the dust and make it look clean as new.

Every car owner wants to keep their car clean and look as shiny as earlier when you bought it. 

But cleaning and maintaining your vehicle requires effort, and if you are ready to do it, then here are some of how you can get rid of the problem of dirt all over your car.  

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How To Prevent Dust In Car?

The first thing to do is sweep out the interior with a broom and vacuum the floor mats. Also, remember to roll up all window shades or close them up tightly before sealing off your vehicle before parking. 

Car covers, which are used to cover the top and sides of your car, are simple to use and maintain; they’re also suitable accessories if you want to keep bird droppings or other dirty substances off your vehicle.

My Car Keeps Getting Dusty; Why?

Nobody likes dust and dirt building up inside the car as it can take away the look of interiors and can be dangerous for electrical components if too much dirt gets inside it. 

It is nearly impossible to prevent dust or dirt from entering your car. But you indeed can reduce the amount of dust built up inside your vehicle.

1. Cover your car when parked outside on the street 

Car insides can get dusty, especially during the long summer days. If you own a convertible or soft top, keeping your car covered both at night and during the day whenever possible will help prevent dust inside your car. 

You can get covers for your car quickly in the market, which will protect both interior and exterior of your car from dirt. However, be sure to regularly clean your vehicle covers, as dust and dirt will build up very quickly on them.

2. Use a Vacuum cleaner to clean the interior of the car

Vacuum cleaners are available in all the stores. In addition, there are small and large vacuums available on the market which will help you get all the dust from inside your car.

3. Wash cushions in your car regularly 

Even if you take care of your whole car, dust will surely build upon the seats, doors, and other parts of your car, such as floor mats or carpets. 

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How To Remove Dust Inside The Car?

Removing dirt and dust from inside your car requires effort and regularly cleaning and washing of both the car’s exterior and interior. Car experts advise that you should at least wash your car correctly twice a month, but you can take your vehicle to car washing centers if you do not have that much time. They wash your car from in and out and with proper tools.

How To Super Clean the Interior of your Car?

They also clean the carpets and upholstery of your car to remove dust from every corner of the vehicle. But, if you want to do it yourself, you can do it with these few steps.

First of all, you will need a bucket for water and a sponge for cleaning. Now start cleaning your car from the inside. Wash the floor mats, under the seats, windshield, etc. 

These are parts of the car that are mostly covered with dust or dirt, so it is advised that you should clean them regularly.

Eliminate as much dirt from these parts as possible by using a sponge or cloth. After this, go outside of your car to remove the dust on your body. Next, you will need to apply some detergent or soap on a cloth and rub it on the surface with this cloth. After this, spray some water over the body part and then dry your car.

Now look for washable seats and wipe them with a cloth to remove dirt and dust. After this, wipe down your car dashboard with a cloth to clean it completely. 

Make sure that you do not forget to clean the dashboard too because it is also covered with dust and dirt, so if you forget, you will have black color left on it after a few days.

If you want to clean upholstery from your car’s interior, use an upholstery cleaner or stain remover. After this, wipe down the windows, sparkles, and interior door handles. It would help if you rubbed in a circular motion on them; otherwise, they will be covered with dust and dirt.

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How Do I Keep The Outside Of My Car Dust Free?

If you are concerned about the dust on the outside of the car, don’t worry because there are many ways to prevent it. You can wash the car often and dry it well. You can use the products such as wax to clean and give your car shine. 

You can also use a pressure washer to clean the dust from the exterior of your car.

Dust is a natural byproduct of driving, and it accumulates on outside parts of the car, such as tires, door panels, bumpers, fenders, and headlights. 

You must remove the dirt particles, or they will scratch your paint panel or change its color over time which will cost you lots of money to repair damages that are not caused by accidents.

 To keep the dust off your car, you need to use regular cleaners or washing detergents available on the market but do not spray them on the vehicle because they can fade your vehicle. 

To remove the dirt from the exterior of your car, you can use a pressure washer product. It’s portable and easy to use. You do not need any special attachments or parts to clean with it.

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