Can You Get Your Windows Tinted If It's Raining?

Can You Get Your Windows Tinted If It’s Raining?

Yes, you can get your windows tinted if it is raining, and it depends upon the choice of the car’s owner as there can be several reasons for an individual to get his windows tinted during raining season.

The rain does not harm the tinting process, but it can affect the drying of the tinted windows. If you live in a hot and humid climate with the sun shining all year long, then tinting your car windows is probably necessary. If you live in an area that often rains, the window tinting process becomes more complicated.

It turns out that rain causes problems when applying adhesive film or tints to windows because the water can penetrate through seams or other small openings on your car’s windshield, causing damage to your vehicle by damaging panels and seals. 

Thus to avoid any complications because of windows tinting, you should take the advice of a mechanic before getting your windows tinted.

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Will Rain Ruin My Newly Tinted Windows?

No, not at all; tinting is done on the inside windows panels. 

So that is why rain will not ruin or damage your new tint as long as rainwater is not reaching inside window panels. Thus, it would help if you made sure that the window seal should work fine before you go for tinting your windows.

What you should know before you get your windows tinted

How Long Does It Take To Roll Down Windows After Tinting?

The drying of windows tint depends on the weather and the tint you apply to your windows. You have to pass the time at least 24 hrs to roll down the windows after the tinting. 

It would be better to not roll down windows for one to two days to ensure that the new tint is applied and stuck correctly. But, yes, it would help if you left the windows to roll up for some days so that the tint can adhere to the windows perfectly. 

Can You Put a Tint Over Tint on Car Windows: Window Tinting

Does Weather Affect Window Tinting?

The experts and mechanics suggest getting your windows tinted in a specific season or weather. This is because it can take a lot of time to cure the window tint if the weather is bad or cold.

Thus, very few people are interested in getting their windows tinted in winters because drying time increases significantly. 

While if there is a lot of humidity, the tinting process can be challenging to carry out. Thus the summer is preferable for people who want to tint their windows. 

What Happens If It Rains On The New Tint?

You need not worry about the rain and exposure of your newly tinted windows to rainwater as the tint is applied inner side of the windows, which is why rain does not cause any damage to the tints. 

But it should not mean that water cannot harm your tint. First, you have to ensure that you do not spill water on your newly tinted windows. Then, let it settle down for two to three days to properly take advantage of the tint. 

Pros And Cons Of Window Tint During Rainy Seasons.

Window tinting is a type of film installed on the windows of a vehicle. This can protect from exposure to fluorescent lights and UV rays that may cause skin cancer in unprotected areas. 

It also provides privacy during nighttime activities. Though many people choose to have window tinting installed on their vehicles, it has a few advantages and disadvantages.

Why Do People Tint Their Windows?

Pros of installing tint during the rainy season Save you money.

Most people do not prefer to tint their windows during the rainy season. That is why there is less demand for tint films, and the prices of tints go down a lot. 

In addition, automobile shopkeepers give various discounts on tint during the rainy season. Thus people who are tight on their vehicle modification budget can tint their windows for the lowest price possible.

Safety of valuables inside your car

The theft activities increase during rainy seasons as the vehicle rests in the parking lot or outside the house for long hours because of the rain. 

The thieves try to take advantage of the rain to steal valuables from your car. But the tinted windows prevent the thieves from seeing inside the vehicle. And if they cannot see what’s inside the car, then they do not try to risk stealing it.


  • Poor visibility 

During the rainy season, you often find bad weather. The sun does not come up most of the time, which means less visibility during the day. 

Having tinted windows during the rainy season makes it very difficult for the driver to see clearly because of the darker films. It becomes impossible to drive during the night with tinted windows and can lead to serious accidents.

Why Should You Go For Tinting Your Car’s Windows?

There are about four main reasons a driver might tint their windows. First, it can provide privacy for a person who wishes to hide their activities from the outside world.

Two, it can enhance visibility; in the case of car windows, it makes things hard to see on the far side of the window due to light reflected off the glass. Third, it helps keep out harmful UV rays and allows drivers to look out with comfort since they no longer have to squint at bright sunlight. 

And finally, some people prefer darker tinted windows as they look better aesthetically and give fewer distractions when driving through foliage or dense areas where sunlight is usually obstructed.

Window tinting can vary by brand and color. For example, some manufacturers sell dark crystal film for vehicles, absorbing 97% of ultraviolet rays. 

Other products may offer a tinted film that is not so dark but reflects more light than standard glass. So tint your windows according to your need, and you should go for quality films instead of buying cheaper ones.

How Soon Can I Wash My Car After It Has Been Tinted?

Do not wash your car just after the windows have been tinted; give it some days to get film dry. You can take your vehicle for a wash four to five days after getting tint. 

This will ensure that the tint has settled to the window’s surface and give all the adhesive time to dry. So it is advised to skip the car wash for a few days after your car has been tinted. 

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