Can You Drive Without A Sway Bar

Can You Drive Without A Sway Bar?

Yes, you definitely can drive without a sway bar in your car. The only con of removing the sway bar is that you will have less control and experience less optimal vehicle handling. Thus driving without a sway bar is difficult and unpredictable.

Sway Bars are a device that helps control the body of a vehicle by changing from side to side as it travels. 

Sway bars are usually fitted to the undercarriage of a vehicle, and they play an essential role in how easy it is for your car to handle turns. 

So, is it possible to drive without a sway bar? Yes, it is feasible, but only for short distances as you will feel uncomfortable driving a car without this component.

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What Is A Sway Bar, And What Does It Do?

A sway bar is a metal rod that connects the two side chassis, thus reducing any lateral movement and improving stability and control of the car. This is also called a stabilizer bar because it provides stability to the vehicle.

In addition, this component allows the suspension to perform better when cornering and reduces body roll at high speed. This means you can maintain the same speed and position on the road even when giving the steering a little input. 

This is because by reducing body roll, your car can maintain its speed and position despite the slight movements of the steering wheel.

When a car is equipped with suspension, it automatically benefits from it. 

However, if you do not use the suspension properly or make incorrect adjustments, you will find yourself in a worse situation than if you do not have any suspension. 

How a car reacts to your inputs depends on its sway bar alignment. The sway bar keeps your car’s suspension in check to perform optimally and make the vehicle react to your inputs.

In the case of driving without a sway bar, the car will feel less stable and may be very difficult to control, especially at high speeds. 

This is because the chassis will move wildly on both sides of the car when you apply any input to the steering wheel, making it challenging to maintain your position on the road. 

Also, taking sudden turns, tight corners, or pumping brakes when driving without a sway bar may cause dangerous situations due to losing control. 

Undoubtedly, this may not be ideal for an avid driver or even a regular driver.

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What Causes A Sway Bar To Break?

The sway bar helps control the body’s lean levels and helps restrain your vehicle from rolling side-to-side by applying pressure to the opposite side from which it may be swaying. 

Unfortunately, a common way for a sway bar to break is when one end goes into a coil spring or bushing and gets stuck there, causing the tube itself on that end to bend and eventually break.

But here are some other causes that can explain your broken sway bar:

  • Wearing Out Of Components 

Occasionally, suspension components like coils, shocks, and sway bars wear out over time but will still be functional for many years if they are replaced on schedule. When replacing these suspension parts, use new parts when replacing worn ones. 

The old worn-out part could cause an accident that could have been avoided by using new replacement parts instead of old ones.

  • Driving Badly 

Disturbing the balance in your car can cause the sway bar to break. A driver who frequently swerves around curves, brakes quickly, or accelerates hard may be guilty of driving badly, which can compromise the integrity of the suspension system.

  • Overloading 

When you overload your vehicle, it will have problems with its suspension system because too much weight will stress it. Driving with heavy items on top of a car that’s already heavily loaded can add to this extra pressure and make a sway bar snap. 

Check if you have too many passengers or are hauling excessive cargo so that you don’t overload the vehicle to avoid serious damage to steering and suspension parts.

Can I Drive My Car With A Broken Sway Bar?

Yes, you can drive with a broken sway bar, but experts in the cars do not advise you to do so as you know that the sway bar or stabilizer bar is present in the car to give you better handling and stability to your vehicle. 

Also, it is linked with many parts of the car, such as the axle and suspension; thus, driving continuously with a broken sway bar raises the concerns of damaging more components of your vehicle.

For example, if your sway bar is broken and you are driving your car continuously, this will probably affect your vehicle’s axle alignment, which can cause your tires not to have traction. 

And when the tires do not have traction, you may feel your car is losing power.

Thus the experts of cars advise that for a safe drive, towing is the best option instead of risking more damage to other components of your vehicle. 

Thus, you do not want to get in some serious accident because of the broken sway bar. So if you have a broken sway bar in your car, you better not drive it and get it fixed immediately.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Sway Bar?

If you notice that you have a broken sway bar or are seeing the symptoms that can lead to it, you should not take a minute to the expert to get it fixed. The cost of fixing the sway bar lies in several factors, such as the location where you live and what car you drive. 

But overall, the cost of fixing the sway bar lies between $120 to $170. 

The cost includes the labor and replaced parts cost. Thus cost can vary according to the labor cost in your area. 

Apart from it, if you have some parts of the car damaged, it will make a separate cost, such as broken sway bars, end links, etc.

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