Why Does My Car Sound Like A Helicopter?

Why Does My Car Sound Like A Helicopter?

If your regular car servicing is due or you do not maintain your car much, it is common to hear noise from different car parts. 

But if the sound is too loud and sounds like a helicopter, it is very alarming for you. 

There could be multiple reasons your car sounds like a helicopter while you drive, but the loose tire is first and foremost. 

You may have a loose tire that is wobbling and creating loud noises. Thus, if you have a car making loud noises, you have a problem to act upon as soon as possible. Then, you can take your vehicle to the experts for a proper diagnosis.

 The noises suggest some mechanical car problems that you should not ignore as it could be risky. 

Also, if you continue driving, you may damage some other engine parts. If you want to learn more about the helicopter sound and its solution, keep reading below.

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What is Wrong With A Car Sounding Like A Helicopter?

If your car sounds like a helicopter, there could be an exhaust leak, or else you might have a loose tire.

 In both cases, it could be harmful to you to drive without getting it fixed immediately.  

  • Loose tire

The loose tire could be the reason for this noise. If you drive on a rough road, the sidewall of the tires may have been damaged. And it makes a sound like a helicopter. 

Why Does My Car Sound Like A Helicopter

If you think your tires are worn out, you should get them changed as soon as possible because it is dangerous for your car and hazardous for yourself.

  • Exhaust leak 

It is possible that if your car’s exhaust pipe has cracked or worn out, it will make a loud sound. Usually, this sound starts when you turn on your AC and worsens with time.

  • A loose wheel nut

Loose wheel nuts or wheel bolts are the primary reason for helicopter sound in your car; you should probably get it tightened immediately. 

This occurs because if there is any vibration or rust on your wheel nuts that have been loosened, it will cause this kind of sound. 

Also, if your car’s engine sounds like running too fast, you might need to check your timing belt or motor mounts.  

There Is A Problem With Your Brakes And Bearing

Apart from the reasons you learned above, the problem with brakes and bearings can also possibly create a helicopter-like sound in your car. 

If you have tried testing for all the sound reasons and failed, you should go for the brakes and wheel bearings. The rotor, parking brake, or bad brake can make a loud sound.

Thus whether you have a failing brake or wheel bearing, you should immediately take your car to the expert to get it fixed as soon as possible. 

Otherwise, the sound will keep getting worse, and it can further damage the engine, which you do not want as it is expensive to repair the car’s engine.

Have A Loose Tire: What To Do?

If you ever find yourself with a loose tire, it is essential to act quickly. Here are some steps and tips that can help you with the problem while on the road for the trip. 

Safety is first. Make sure you park your vehicle by the side of the road and call for help if the situation is worse. 

  • Fixing the Problem

 It’s usually just a matter of tightening up the nuts loosened by the movement of driving on rough ground or through potholes, but if this doesn’t work, consult a mechanic for more advice.

  • Use a jack if you have one.

Most modern vehicles come with a jack and basic tool kit in their boot or under the seats; if you have one, use it to take pressure off the wheel until you can get straight to your mechanic. 

If you do not have a jack, try wedging something underneath the car to take pressure off it. 

Take your time and check the vehicle for damage before moving it. If something looks loose, tighten it up before driving further.

If you are an amateur and do not know about repairing cars and vehicles, you should seek help from an expert. Call the road assistance and do not try to fix the issue yourself, as it requires proper knowledge and skill.

Wump Wump Sound From Tires; Why?

engine diary

Some Common Causes Of A Loose Tire.

Driving with a loose tire can be extremely dangerous. Poor driving can lead to sudden and potentially catastrophic tire failures, and the lack of pressure in the tire may cause it to overinflate and burst. 

Luckily, there are many good reasons for knowing how to diagnose and replace a loose tire in a vehicle. 

Here are four of the most common causes:

  • Damage from running over road debris such as potholes;
  • Excessively worn suspension springs;
  • Burred or damaged wheel nuts;
  • Improperly inflated tires.

If you notice that your vehicle’s tires are getting loose, it might be worth looking into what is causing the problem.

  1. Start by checking if there are any tiny cracks on the side wall. These will often result in a rip and cause your wheel to come free from the rim. The only way to deal with this is to replace the tire.
  2. Take a closer look at the wheel nuts. If they seem loose and are not tightened properly, ensure that you get someone to give them a tighten-up immediately.
  3. The rim of the wheel might be cracked. Make sure that you check this as well, and in case it is cracked, replace it immediately.

If you find anything, take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible because pressure problems might have damaged your tires. 

 If not dealt with as soon as possible, these could lead to more serious problems with your vehicle in time.

Is It Safe To Drive With Loose Tires?

No, not. If you notice loose tires, you should immediately stop the car as it can be catastrophic driving with tires wobbling around.

Loose tires can lead to accidents, a damaged tire, broken suspension, and even serious injury. So if you have loose tires, stop the car and take your vehicle straight to your local garage. 

Yes, it’s frustrating when the loose tire is discovered hours later on a long journey, but better safe than sorry.

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