Small Rust Spots On White Car; What Should I do?

Small Rust Spots On White Car; What Should I do?

If you notice any red or orange spots on your car, you should know it is just rust. It often happens in white vehicles, and many people get scared and think they might need a new pain job. 

It is not true as there are several reasons to explain the causes of rust spots on your white color, but the good news is that it can be fixed easily. 

If you do not have the time or do not know how to fix the rust stains or spots, you can take your car to a detailing shop where they will remove all the stains and make it a new one. 

But if you do not want to waste your money in a car detailing shop, you do not need to worry as you can fix rust stains yourself at home. 

But before you start fixing the stains, you need to know how to remove rust and what you will need to do. So here is the guide on what causes the rust spots on your car and how you can fix them with a few easy steps. 

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Small Rust Spots On Brand New Car

Rusting spots on your brand new car are normal if you have got it delivered by truck or railway. The metal particles in the air around the truck or trains settle on your car’s body which further can be oxidized to start rusting and leaving rust spots on your new vehicle. 

There are a lot of factors that can activate rusting on your cars, such as water, the condition of weather in your area, and the geographic location does matter too. 

Because if you do not maintain or clean your car regularly, road debris and moisture can create rust spots on your vehicle. 

 Most people do not care when they drive, and the driving habit also decides if you will start having rust spots on your new car. 

If you drive and hit continuously or damage the paint job, regular scratches and chips on your vehicle can be rusting. Thus if you notice any scratches or chips, try to remove them immediately to protect the body of your car from having rust spots.

 If you have a garage or safe space for your car, start parking your car in the garage to protect it from the metal particles or other rust-forming particles to land on your vehicle. 

If you do not have a garage and park it outside of your house on the road, do not forget to put on a safety cover to protect your body from damage. 

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Orange Spots On White Car – What are the causes?

If you see the orange spots on your white car near the front fenders or the front and rear tires, these spots are called Rail dust. Rail dust is one of the leading causes of orange spots, but there are other reasons besides that. 

Orange Spots On White Car - What are the causes? 

Rail Dust 

The rail dust is another name for rust that may have happened through the rails line etc. It is considered that when the cars are delivered through railways, the vehicle may have orange spots. 

It is because of the ferrous particle that lands on the vehicle, and further, when it gets water and dirt, it starts rusting out, and orange spots appear. So this is how the rail dust term got famous as it is the leading cause of orange spots on the white or light-colored cars. 

Site Of Parking

But there are other reasons for the cause of orange spots on your cars. 

For example, if you live near the rail lines, the dust particles can get embedded in your car’s paint to give it orange spots. 

So it also matters where you park your car; if you park it somewhere with a lot of debris or steel dust, then there is a high possibility of rusting on your car, which can further create an orange spot. 

Rash Driving 

Another reason for the orange spots on your car can be your rash driving. 

For example, if you often drive rough through debris and dust on the roads or through a lot of traffic.

Then the regular application of brakes can create the dust from iron or steel components car to settle on the car’s paint, which may appear as an orange spot in the future. 

How To Remove Rust Stains From White Car Paint?

If you want to remove rust stains yourself, you can use baking soda or rust cleaner to clean the rust stains and spots and apply a clay bar to give detail to the damaged paint job. 

How To Remove Rust Stains From White Car Paint?

Thus here is the proper method to safely remove rust stains, further damaging your car’s paint job. 

  1. First, take the baking soda and mix it in the water.
  1. Then take any sponge or toothbrush to apply this solution over the rust stains. Next, apply the solution gently and slowly over the whole stain-affected area. 
  1. Then you can take a small amount of detergent and a lot of water to clean the car. Then, keep cleaning it with detergent till the stains are removed. 

These are the three steps to remove rust stains easily. To break down the rust particles and remove them from the car, you can also use mild acidic substances such as lemons. 

If you notice that there are rust stains on your vehicle, you can apply the lemon liquid over the stains and wait for a few minutes to let it dry. 

Then after a few minutes, you can wash it off to remove rust stains. If you want to use the rust stain remover products, you can use them but do not forget to buy the top quality with mild acidic to prevent further damage to the car’s paint

Tiny Rust Spots On Car Paint – Prevention Measures

One of the main measures to prevent your car from getting rusting spots or stains is regularly cleaning and washing your vehicle. 

It would be best not to let your vehicle get dirty; you should clean your car thoroughly at least once a month. 

After that, you can take your vehicle to the car washing center, and they will wash your car correctly without leaving any debris or dirt in the car. 

The next preventing measure is to keep an eye on the scratches and chipping of paint on your car. Because the scratches are at a very high risk of rust, you should treat and fix the scratches as soon as you notice them. 

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