Lexus Wheel Lock Key Replacement – Step By Step Guide

The wheel lock key is a small metal bar that prevents the wheel from being turned. The wheel lock key can be used to immobilize a vehicle for hijacking, to aid in car theft, or to prevent a car from being driven by an unauthorized person. There are many other uses for the wheel lock key as well.

a)The wheel lock key is very useful when you’re going through airport security because it helps keep your steering clear of any wires, cables, and other objects that could cause interference with your vehicle during transit. 

b)Wheel locks are also used in the case of severe road conditions such as ice or inclement weather. During times when conditions are bad, some drivers just let their wheels go and the car will roll while they try to figure out how to get it back under control. But if you lock your wheels with a wheel lock key, you may be able to save yourself and your passengers.

c)Trademarks of early lockable wheels include the “auto-lock” products of Eureka in 1885 and the “Keyless Lock” by The Pittsburg Key & Lock Co. in 1892.

d)The first patent for a wheel lock was granted to John Zinser on March 26, 1896. Zinser submitted his patent application on May 16 of that same year.

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How to replace the wheel lock key. In detailed steps?

It is very important to remember the steps when changing your wheel lock key. You need to make sure that you take a picture of the key before installing it in the steering column lock or steering to make sure that you can look at it later if necessary. 

The following steps show how to change a wheel lock key:-

a) First, remove the screw on top of the column with a Phillips head screwdriver. Then loosen the screw located on either side of the ignition using a Phillips head screwdriver as well. Next, pull up and out on both sides of the ignition cylinder and slide it up and off.

b) Use the small wrench to remove the bolt in the top of the steering wheel.

c) Remove the yellow rod from under the cap on the wheel lock key.

d) Close up both sides of the cap and screw it back in tightly.

e) Turn 90 degrees and hit your lock with a hammer (“hit your lock”) to snap it into place. This will allow to you make sure that it is working properly so that you won’t have any problems later on.

f) At this point, your wheel lock key should be installed and ready to use as instructed above.

Lexus Wheel Lock Key Replacement

How do I get the wheel lock key for my Lexus?

If your Lexus does not have a wheel lock key factory-equipped, you may be able to add it on later using the Lexus accessory catalog or by purchasing one from a Lexus dealer. You first need to identify the exact wheel lock key that your Lexus needs.

Next, you will need to identify which engine or body style (Lexus CT200h, Lexus ES350, etc.) your vehicle is associated with. Then you can consult the Lexus accessory catalog or call Lexus of Culver City in Los Angeles, CA to order a Wheel Lock Key.

Can you replace a wheel lock key?

No. If your wheel lock key becomes lost or stolen, there is no replacement. The Lexus dealer can replace the entire hub assembly for you.

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Lexus Wheel Lock Key Replacement

How do I unlock my Lexus steering wheel without a key?

You can unlock your steering wheel if you have one of the following conditions:

1. You have lost or misplaced the key to your wheel lock. 

2. Your key is broken and you need to replace it. 

3. Your key will not work in your door or ignition (i.e., it was jammed).

Please note that your vehicle may be equipped with either a standard or an electronic key, which requires a different procedure to unlock the steering wheel than what is outlined below:

Standard Key Procedure:

Entering through the driver’s side door, turn the ignition switch in the ON position for about one second (do not start the engine).

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Do dealerships have wheel lock keys?

YES, aftermarket dealerships do have a wheel lock key. Generally speaking, you don’t have to buy the entire assembly if you only need your tire to be removed. However, when you purchase this assembly, it is at a discounted price because it is built into your hub already.

What causes the key to breaking?

If the key breaks due to normal wear and tear, Lexus will replace the entire hub assembly for you. If someone uses excessive force to pry open your door with a crowbar, this could cause the Lexus wheel lock key to breaking. If that is the case, you will need to replace the entire hub assembly.

How much does a wheel lock key cost?

The cost of the wheel lock key is between $279 and $369 depending on your Lexus model. The price can vary based on your Lexus model year, Lexus series, and if it’s a special order or not.

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