Why Is My Navigation Screen Black?

If you notice that whenever you start your car navigation screen does not turn on, and it stays off, or the screen remains black, then you have got a faulty LCD or navigation screen. You do not need to worry, as a simple change of navigation screen or LCD can fix it, but it is expensive, and not everybody chooses to do that. 

So if you are suffering from the same issues and want to know how to repair or fix the black screen, then you need to first look out for the causes of the navigation screen getting blacked.

There can be many reasons explaining this issue, from an issue in the fuse to the issue with the LCD screen’s software. It could also be a problem in your navigation system setting that turns the navigation screen black.

Thus if you want to know more about the causes and what they are fixes, you can keep reading this guide about the solution to your navigation screen fixes.

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Why Is My Navigation Screen Black?

Why Is My Navigation Screen Black?

Several incidents can cause your navigation screen to turn black or off. The screen is damaged or broken while in use. Software updates, firmware upgrades, and other software-related issues can cause your screen to turn black.  

 Some of the causes may be simple to fix, but some can require the help of professionals. Hence here are all the reasons and causes which can turn your navigation screen black:

  • The issue with the fuse of the screen:  

There is a fuse in the screen connected to the power supply. If the fuse is blown, your screen will work because there is no power supply for that particular screen. This can be fixed by replacing the fuse.

  • Faulty VGA connectors: 

If there is a problem in any of the VGA connectors, then your screen won’t work because there is no signal coming from those connectors. The wrong connected cable can also be why your navigation screens remain black even when you start your car.

  • Faulty LCD screen: 

If there is damage to the screen, then your screen will remain black. The screen can be damaged during the installation process or by any of the short circuits.

If your screen is blank, there may also be something wrong with the LCD controller board. Sporadic problems in the LCD controller can cause your navigation screen to remain black. 

If you have tried all the fixes mentioned above and still your navigation screen remains black, then there are chances that it’s a software issue.

In such cases, you will need to take professional help to go for a new car system known for its reliability and long-lasting life. 

At times even if the above things are working correctly but if the navigation system is not working properly, then also your screen remains black. So you need to check that as well.

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Why Does My Vehicle’s Screen Stay Black When I Turn On My GPS?

The most common reason your screen will stay black is that your navigation system might not be working or the screen is not functioning correctly. Another common problem involves the processor (CPU). If it is defective, it will not power up, and you will have a blank screen. 

GPS is run by android, and sometimes people also experience a bug in the android which can make your navigation screen misbehave. 

Most drivers use GPS navigation systems for daily purposes to reach places they are unaware of, and thus if the GPS screen faults or goes black, it might cause problems for the driver and their convenience.

So they try to troubleshoot the problem but do not know how to do it or where to start. If you are also among these and do not know what to do when this problem arises, then you can follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue.

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Troubleshooting The Problem

  • First, try to see that there is nothing fault in the setting of GPS navigation as sometimes people mess up the setting of GPS, which results in a blackout of the screen. So before start taking out the GPS navigation screen panel, it is better to look here first.
  • If the setting is correct, see if there is any breakage in the screen display or if it is dirty. Then, you can take a fresh piece of cloth to wipe out the screen and whole panel to see if it is not cracked or faulty.
  • Next, you should look out for any internal wiring issues in the navigation screen panel; for that, you can take the help of a screwdriver to open up the panel to see if the wires are correctly connected.
  • If you have tried all troubleshooting methods, you must replace the entire navigation screen unit to resolve the issue.

Fixing The Black Screen Issue.

Fixing The Black Screen Issue.
Why Is My Navigation Screen Black?

Many drivers experience a blank screen when they turn on their GPS. This can be frustrating, but several possible causes and fixes depend on the various scenarios. 

Here is how you can prevent this issue or fix it. The most common reason why this happens is GPS is not connected or may not be working. 

To fix this issue, you can go to settings, click on general, and then the navigation bar option. Then fill in the data asked by the navigation system and tap on it to get started.

The GPS may have blinked out unexpectedly.

To fix this, unplug the USB cable for about 30 seconds, then reattach it. When your device does not emit a “beep” upon startup, the device needs to be restarted by holding the power button down for approximately 5 seconds.

Battery drain issues. This is a common problem with devices; due to the screen’s larger square-inch size and better resolution, the screen eats up battery quickly. So you should have a better and bigger battery to fix the battery drain issue.

GPS software/drivers are not recognized or not working correctly. This is a common problem with older devices or software in your navigation system. So, update your software and drivers to prevent the screen from blacking.

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