Which way to face subwoofer in trunk: top 3 best positions!

Music has always been a part of human life. And playing some music during a drive boosts your mood. It helps you to relax and relieve stress and even helps you not to fall asleep during long travels.

Subwoofer positioning has been a topic among the so-called bassheads community. Regardless of what kind of car you own or your subwoofer system, placing the subwoofer enclosure impacts the sound quality.

So, if you are looking for a brand-new beast subwoofer, or you already have a killer subwoofer, you should know how and where to place it because it can make a big difference.

But you do not know which way to face subwoofer in trunk? Don’t worry, we got you, keep reading this article and find out about the top 3 best positions to place your subwoofers! Let’s get into it!

which way to face subwoofer in trunk

Which way should I place the subwoofer in my trunk?

There are many places where you can install the subwoofer, but why should it be installed in the trunk in the first place? Let’s take a look at the advantages this certain installation will bear on you:

Boost bass response

Subwoofers enhance the bass response to emphasize certain sounds of music that your speakers on their own can’t beat.

Most radio speakers in cars occur to lose their sound at about 50Hz.

But, a good subwoofer, can recreate frequencies up to 20Hz.

Therefore, your car radio system’s music will sound deeper with more clarity, and you will not miss the lowest notes of the music, which will give you a more mesmerizing experience listening to music.

Lower distortion

Subwoofers reduce distortion if you lower acoustic, and it demands on your other speakers.

Reproducing low-frequency sounds, a whole range of speakers’ big conoids and diaphragms can create distortion.

Moreover, when you are playing music at high volume, the woofers in the speakers can be unable to hold on with the tweeters and mid-drivers.

Quality subwoofers let you play music loud and without distortion, even if the music is heavy on the bass frequencies.

Take loads of smaller speakers

Generally, subwoofers decrease the workload placed on whole-range speakers, boosting their comprehensive performance and allowing them to provide high-quality sound without distortion.

Smaller speakers don’t have to recreate extremely low frequencies, due to subwoofers. Smaller speakers can achieve the sound in a more acceptable frequency range.

Full-spectrum response

A good subwoofer box will adjust your full spectrum without hustling with them.

Thanks to the quality sound system with subwoofers, mid and high frequencies will have the clearest accuracy, which let speakers perform at their top over the frequency spectrum.

Your vehicle speakers can operate to their full potential, regardless of any genre of music, if you have a decent bass control, car subwoofer, low-frequency amplifier, and a connected AV (Audio/Video) receiver.

How to place a subwoofer in a car?

The trunk is usually the best position for a subwoofer because it offers abundant space in any car.

The entire car can hear the bass afterward low-frequency bass waves can go for an extended way.

However, before finding out about the best position for a subwoofer in the trunk, you need to know how exactly to place this device in your car. We are going to give you some instructions to easily install the subwoofer inside your car!

Measure subwoofer area

Measuring the area of the subwoofer is the first step in deciding the car subwoofer direction.

It would be better to take measurements of both the space and the area of the trunk opening because you will need them later.

Find the right place

After you have measured the size of the sub, you will need to choose the perfect subwoofer positioning. To accomplish this, you will have to calculate how much space you will have once you installed your subwoofer box.

Your trunk may not close if you will try to install a too-big subwoofer.

Which way should a subwoofer face in a car? The apparatus should be placed in an area with sufficient room to perform properly. It’ll be easier for the subwoofer to fit into an ample space when it has a built-in speaker.

Check subwoofer size

One of the most crucial steps during installation is checking the apparatus size.

While some vehicles have a tall opening, others have a center opening that is larger than their height.

To avoid the subwoofer from getting stuck in the trunk, verify that the subwoofer box will fit through the opening you aim to apply.

Which way to face subwoofer in trunk?

Which way to face subwoofer in trunk? Shortly, we have the 3 most popular ones: facing the boot (rear of the car), facing sideways (side firing), and facing the rear seat (towards the front of the car)

Facing the boot (rear of the car)

This is one of the best positions for a subwoofer in the trunk, and it is one of the common directions utilized among car audio group people. It provides a great bass performance and diffusion of sound.

The bass becomes more clear and even delivered across the car’s surface area, if you put the subwoofer in the trunk as opposed to the rear seats, facing away from the driver’s seat.

Bass waves are omnidirectional and thus expand in all directions. Intending the subwoofers to the rear will noticeably boost up the volume because bass frequencies amplified in the rear corners create sound dB (decibel) to lift.

However, it’s good for volume, but it is not so much for sound quality. Facing the subs backward (with the subwoofer box opposed to the rear seats), after all, is clearly better than any other position. It is best for those people who like to feel the bass as much as hear it.

The frequency of a wave is vice versa corresponding to its wavelength, that’s why the subwoofers intend to work best on rearward-facing.

Therefore, facing the subwoofers backward means the distance proceed by the bass considers is that much distant. That’s why low frequencies advantage in the cabin.

Installing your subwoofers face backward as opposed to the rear seats is the best direction for you if you love listening to bass-heavy music, or if you just live to boost the bass frequency with EQ (Equalizer).

Facing sideways (side firing)

Another great placement for installing the subwoofer is to tuck it way in the rear right or left side corner of the trunk.

If you want more of a surround bass sound effect, subwoofers installed in one of the corners allow it. This is specifically accurate when you have the subwoofers attached to a ported box.

A ported box provides a louder sound, while a sealed box provides tight, clean bass.

Installing the subwoofer in the rear quarter panel is another good placement. If you want to save more space in the trunk, this installation is for you. Some OEM (original equipment manufacturer) subwoofers are arranged in the same position.

That’s the reason why this placement provides good results is that there won’t be any rear sound waves that can intervene. Also, you’ll have solid boundaries to the rear and sides.

Facing the rear seat (towards the front of the car)

Facing subs forward into the cabin is another great placement for subwoofers, however neither so great nor acceptable in SUVs (sport utility vehicles).

Dissimilar to installing the subwoofer face backward as opposed to the rear seats, flipping the subwoofer lets you feel the bass in your body as never before. However, the downside is when the subwoofers are firing forward, the sound waves have nothing to deliberate off which considerably decreases SPL (sound pressure level) and sound quality.

This option is the best for you if you are concerned more about sound quality than loud bass. Think about that, why would you spend a lot of time and effort installing and tuning an enclosure only to ruin its perfect response artificially?

You would be better off with more powerful amps and subwoofers if you really want that much bass and volume.

So that the sound waves from the rear of the subwoofers can’t reach the front of the subwoofers and lead to cancellation, you will have to seal up the box from the trunk to make your subwoofers sound louder, comparably.

Frequently asked questions:

Which way should I face my subwoofer in my trunk?

Facing subwoofers from diverse angles, facing forward or backward, can provide various results. Most of bass fanatics face their subwoofers in the back of the trunk or in a car tailgate.

Does it matter which way a subwoofer faces?

The bass is omnidirectional. The subwoofer should not lose its place, and you should feel that the bass is coming out of the entire place.


The vehicle you utilize and your personal bass or music preferences play an important role in deciding the best position, direction, and area of the subwoofer in your car. And so, you will test your subwoofers out in diverse positions and what works for you personally

The positions we gave to you in this article, are not, after all, the only ways to install your subwoofer into your car. But, for testing, these three should be on the top of your list.

Finally, when you upgrade your sound system, sound products like foams and mats are always highly recommended. A bass worth paying for if it is going to make your car rattle.

A steel box (your vehicle) is not acoustically excellent, and it is not considered that kind of wattage. So, without being said, acknowledge damping materials, to assure that all you hear is bass blasting in your face.

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