what size shocks for a 2 inch lift

What Size Shocks for A 2 Inch Lift: All You Need to Know!

Confusion about the shock size for different lifts is pretty common. And a 2-inch lift is pretty common nowadays. But what size shocks for a 2-inch lift?

The usual compressed and extended length of the shock for a 2-inch lift is 16 and 28 inches. However, these values might change for different vehicles. So it is important to find out the lengths properly. Accurate techniques must be followed for this task.

This is only the starting. There are many more details yet unveiled. Keep scrolling to learn all about the shocks of the lifted vehicles.

What Size Shocks for a 2 Inch Lift?

shock absorber length chart
Source: tacomaworld.com

The size of shocks for a 2-inch lift is not fixed just like the Torx bit size. Rather this size can be different for different trucks or cars despite the same length of lift. The shock absorber length chart can give us ideas about the required shock.

But for that, you will need certain measurements. Have a quick look!

Static Length:

The first measurement that you need to take is the static length. You must be wondering what is the static length for a 2-inch lift.

Well, this is the distance between the chassis mounting point of the vehicle and the suspension mounting point. This length must be taken accurately while keeping the vehicle still. 

This length is about 25 to 28 inches for a 2-inch lift. The static length will be later used for getting the compressed length.

Compressed Length:

Next, you have to measure the compressed length for the shocks. This length is the distance when the suspension is compressed up into the chassis or body of the vehicle. The upper control arm usually hits the bump stop in this case.

So the distance from the bump stop to the control arm is to be taken at first. Then that value is to be subtracted from the static length. And the result obtained is the compressed length for the shock of the car.

The compressed length for a 2-inch lift is about 16 inches. However, measure the length of your vehicle carefully.

Extended Length:

The last measurement you will need for selecting the correct shock for your car is the extended length. The extended length is also the distance between the chassis mounting point and the suspension mounting point. 

However, there is a difference in the length of the wheel while taking the measurement. The body of the car is lifted with the help of a jack for measuring the extended length. It is lifted in such a manner that the wheels are just barely touching the ground. 

Then the distance between the suspension mounting and chassis mounting point is taken. This length is greater than both the static and compressed lengths. For a 2-inch lift, the extended length is about 28 inches.

These are the three measurements you will need for selecting your shock. Now move forward to know how to measure shocks for lifted trucks. 

How to Measure the Correct Shock Size?

I have explained above the three different lengths you will need for finding the right shock. But you must be careful with the measurements. Correct readings will help you to select the best shock and consequently the right spring rate for your car.

 So let’s see the correct way of measuring the lengths without any errors. 

Required Instruments:

First, let’s see the required instruments you will need to take the measurements. Don’t forget to gather these tools before starting the procedure. 

  • Car Jack
  • Jack Stand
  • Ratchet 

Once you have all these tools, you can start the process of measurement. 


what size shocks are for a 3-inch lift
Source: ifixit.com

Follow the given guideline properly to avoid any mistakes. Make sure that you follow the steps serially. 

  • Measure the static length at first. That is measured easily by taking the distance from the axle’s beginning point to the mounting point at the frame.
  • Now measure the distance between the bump stop and axle in the same manner. This length will be used to find out the compressed length.
  • Then you have to jack the vehicle up from the ground. Put the jack stand on the frame of the vehicle. Make sure that the axle of the car is hanging down.
  • If an old shock is still installed, you have to uninstall it. Because the axle must have a maximum amount of drop. It should go all the way down. Use the ratchet to uninstall the old shock.
  • It is time to measure the extended length. Simply measure the distance between the axle mounting point and starting point while the car is above the ground.

Follow the above-given steps properly to find out the measurements correctly.  These measurements are also needed to find out what size shocks are for a 3-inch lift. You can also take help from this video for more accuracy.

You can input these values in a shock length calculator available online. Then it will show you the required shock. Or you can use the compressed and extended length to find the shock manually.

Then you won’t need a shock absorber size calculator. Below I will suggest you a shock that is widely in use for a 2-inch lift. 

Suggested Shock for A 2 Inch Lift

Shock for A 2 Inch Lift
Source: tacomaworld.com

A common question while lifting your vehicle is do you need new shocks for a 2-inch lift? Well, yes you will need new shocks. Stock shocks can’t handle this lift. Because the extended length of the vehicle will vary widely due to giving it a lift.

You can select any shock that has a dimension near these lengths. For instance, you can go for the RCD / Bilstein Toyota Rear Shock #F4-BE5-B110-T5.

This shock comes with an extended length of 27.28 inches and a compressed length of 16.34 inches. So it is perfect for a 2-inch lift. However, it is always better to measure the size of your vehicle first. Then select the shock according to the requirements. 

Why Choosing The Correct Shock Size Is Important?

You have learned the steps of measuring the shock length for a two-inch lift from the above discussion. You might think that the process is too lengthy and you should just assume the shock size. But that’s a very bad idea.

Because there is a high possibility that you will choose the wrong-sized shock that way. And there are several downsides to choosing the wrong shock. For example:

  • Piston issues like the piston slap in Jip might happen due to the wrong shock.
  • The upper and lower shock mounts will get damaged. An inappropriate shock will not be able to protect these mounts from a collision. 
  • Leakage in the cylinder head due to the constant effect of a wrong shock.
  • The shock absorber might get fully compressed before the suspension goes all the way. This condition is known as Bottoming Out.

These are the major setbacks of using an inaccurate shock. So be aware that you take the right measurements before getting a shock after lifting your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do I need different shocks with a lift?

Yes, you will need different shocks with a lift. The Shock size is completely dependent on the extended and compressed length. These lengths change when you lift the vehicle. So the shock size will also change. So it is better to get new shocks with correct measurements after lifting the vehicle.

What is the shock ratio?

The shock ratio is the ratio of shock travel and wheel travel. This ratio shows the amount of pressure necessary to extend and compress the shock. The first number of the ratio shows the compression and the second shows the extension.

Do new shocks make a big difference?

Yes, new shocks make a big difference. Shocks play an important role in braking and other sudden movements. New shocks improve the braking experience and give a better service. The vehicle stops more smoothly in the time of emergencies. Thus the driver gets a boost of confidence. 


This is all on your query: what size shocks for a 2 inch lift? I hope that you have understood the topic properly. Be careful and follow the rules properly while selecting your shock.

Do not compensate for the quality of the shock for saving some bucks. Shocks are very important for safe driving. So get the ideal size shocks for your safety.

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