Side Mirror Won’t Go Up And Down: How to FIx it?

The side mirror does not go up and down if the power side mirror does not get enough electrical connection. This means something is wrong with the wiring connection and you should fix the wiring. It can also mean the switch itself is faulty and you need to replace it. However, a malfunctioning electric relay can also cause the side mirror to not go up and down. Once again, just replace the electric relay to make the side mirror go up and down again. 

To get a detailed idea of the side mirror system and the symptoms of the side mirror not going up and down, keep reading this article. 

Symptoms Of A Failing Power Side Mirrors

Common symptoms of a failing power side mirror are a warning light on the dashboard, and mirror adjusting up and down but not left to right. Besides, the mirror might also just adjust down. 

To confirm that your side mirrors are not working correctly, do a test in case. Try moving the mirrors sideways with the help of the control switch. If it’s not moving, you should take your car to an expert to see if there is damage or an issue with the mirror control switch.

Mirrors only adjust down  if your side mirror switch does not function in the normal position and is now stuck in a single position

Mirrors not moving up and down means there can be several issues inside the electrical circuit or rotors of the mirrors. The cause could be anything from corrosion to a short circuit. Take your car to the mechanic for a proper diagnosis to identify the issue.

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How To Fix The Electric Side Mirror?

Side Mirror Won't Go Up And Down

To fix the electric side mirror you should fix the wiring connection or replace the faulty switch of the side mirror. You have to replace the electric relay if it is damaged. So, diagnose the source of the problem first and then take action. 

Let’s get into the details of all the reasons and start fixing the problem. 

Wiring Issues: 

Check whether the electric current is getting to the mirror or not. It’s simple since you will be disconnecting the wires from the control component and connecting them back after plugging in.

If there is no light showing, that indicates that your wire connection is fine, and there is another issue with the component itself.

Faulty Switch:

The second thing that can be done to know about the fault is to check the mirror control switch. To do this, turn on your car and tap on the mirror control switch to see if it’s working. If you find an issue that is not working, replace the control switch.

Electric Relay:

At last, if you are not able to find the issue, you should look for a fault in the Electric relay or the fuse of the power mirrors system. Any corrosion or short circuit can be the reason behind the fault in your electric relay. 

So if you want to get your vehicle diagnosed properly, then take it to the expert, and he will be able to fix the problem in no time.

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Why Does The Car’s Power Side Mirror Not Work?

Power side-view mirrors are one of the most frequent car parts that fail without warning. One of the most common reasons the power side mirror does not work is a poor electrical connection.

Unfortunately, side-view mirrors are often mounted in a way that makes them prone to loose connections. Older vehicles may have driven long enough to develop the corrosion that can cause the connection to give out. 

In comparison, newer vehicles could be affected by extreme temperature or humidity swings. Driving over rough roads is another possible cause of loose mirror connections. This can also damage mirrors themselves as well as loosen their electrical connections.

 How to Diagnose Mirror Switches and Motors


In conclusion, the side mirror won’t go up and down because of issues with the electrical connection. You can easily fix it through a quick diagnosis of the system and replacing some of the parts. Make sure to troubleshoot it carefully and fix the wiring or replace the switch.

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