Side Effects Of Bypassing Heater Core

Side Effects Of Bypassing Heater Core; Discussion.

The heating core is also used in ACs to cool the car and engine. Most people do not use the heater inside the vehicle, so bypassing is the best way to save money on the broken heater. In this article, you will find out the side effects of Bypassing Heater Core.

Because replacing and buying the new core will cost you a lot of money. Thus bypassing the heater core means that you won’t be able to use heating services in your car anymore. 

Bypassing is patchwork to get you going and stop your engine from overheating. There are not many side effects of Bypassing heating core present rather than losing a car heater.  

But before looking at the other side effects of bypassing the heater core, you should know what a heater core is and what it does.

Because, with the proper knowledge of the engine and its different parts, such as the heater core, you will be able to repair it correctly and quickly.

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What Is Bypassing Heater Core?

Bypassing is the technique to repair the heater core inside the car’s engine. The heater core is used to provide heat inside the car during winters or cold weather. However, the heating core can get broken or have a leak in the core, making the coolant leak out. 

Thus, either you can replace your damaged heater core or buy a new one or get it repaired in this situation. So when it comes to repairing, the bypassing method is used worldwide to save money in repairing the damage. 

How To Bypass Heater Core?

So if you are sure that you do not want to replace the heater core, you can repair it using the bypassing technique. You can bypass the heater core with these simple steps:

Side Effects Of Bypassing Heater Core.

Open your hood and disconnect hoses.

If you find out that the coolant is leaking out of the heater core, open the hood and remove the dashboard cover to look at the problem. You can open the other gratings if you cannot reach the radiator or core behind it. So first, disconnect the hoses from the firewall to get started.

Check the hoses

Hoses are the pipe to carry the coolant from one place to another. So it is essential to check them, and if you find any cut, or clog, remove and replace them. 

Do not cut the hoses to attach them to the engine as the length can get short, and then you can be in the problem.

Connect both hoses

Side Effects Of Bypassing Heater Core

You will notice that two hoses are present in the heater core. One is for the antifreeze to go in, and the other is to take it to the engine. Thus use the proper connector or the coupler to connect the hoses.

This is how anyone can bypass the heater core and can repair it. Also, make sure that it is just a temporary fix, so you should take your car to the garage later.

Maintaining Your Heater Core

It would help if you tried to maintain good care of all the necessary parts of your heater and the cooling system. Keeping good care of the heater core helps increase the efficiency and durability of the heaters. 

The owners of the cars should replace their heater or coolant device on a regular basis every two to three years. Also, always stay alerts regarding the faults of the heater and find the immediate solution to the faulty core. 

Taking your car to a good garage for the services also helps maintain the heater core. The technicians and the auto repair workers are skilled and professional in taking good care of all the necessary parts of the car’s engine on your behalf.

How to bypass heater Core to diagnose heater core leak. (Honda Civic)

How much does it cost to have a heater core replaced?

It is an expensive task to replace the heater core of the cars. The prices differ from country to country. But the heater replacement cost is generally between 500 dollars to 900 dollars. So it becomes even more expensive with all the cost of the labor. 

What is a heat pump core?

A heat pump core is a device that works as a heater in your car to keep you warm in the winter. The car engine gets heated by all the mechanical work, so the heat pump is used to take out the heat from the engine to inside the car.

This solves the two problems in one shot, and it protects the engine from overheating and provides you with warmth.

Signs Of Bad Heater Cores?

The visible signs that you can look to confirm that your heater core is damaged are lack of heat, sweet smell, window fog up, any visible leak. Another sign of a bad heater core is the overheating of the engine. 

Why should I bypass my heater core?

Bypassing the heater is a technique that can repair your car’s cooling system if there is any leak inside the core. It also helps the one save some money on buying a new one.

How much does bypassing the heater cost?

The prices of bypassing the heater are much lower than actually replacing it. You can get it done by any mechanical shop for around 100 dollars. 
However, bypassing is a complex procedure; that is why you should not try to repair it yourself if you don’t know enough about it.

Should I Replace or Bypass A Bad Heater Core?

Bypassing the heater core is the temporary solution to your problem. But if you do not use the heater in the winters, bypassing is the perfect option for you as it will cost you less money. 
Also if you live in a place with extreme cold, you should replace it to use a heater.

How long does a heat exchanger core last?

There are so many factors that decide whether a heat exchanger will last or is durable. But it is said that if you maintain it properly heat exchanger core can last up to 10 to 20 years. 

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