remote start disabled start vehicle to reset jeep

Remote Start Disabled Start Vehicle to Reset Jeep: [Troubleshooting]

Remote starting a car has become a norm in this modern era of technology. However, this appealing feature can be disabled sometimes.  

That’s why to get rid of that frustrating situation; I’ll discuss remote start disabled start vehicle to reset jeep.

Usually, remote start is disabled due to having a faulty hood sensor or switch, low or dead fob battery, or vehicle battery. Adjust the hood pin and charge or change the batteries. Then errors with the tachometer signals also lead the remote to shut down quickly. Moreover, the problematic key fob, faulty programming, and active hazards and check light can disable the remote start.  

That’s just a sneak peek. You will learn the reason how for fixing that problem in a broader manner by reading the article. 

Remote Start Disabled Start Vehicle to Reset Jeep: Reasons And Solutions

remote start disabled

Your vehicle needs a remote start when you don’t want to do it physically.

This helpful feature allows the owner to start the engine, lock and unlock the door, turn on the headlight, or activate other features of the car remotely. However, this function of your vehicle can be disabled due to multiple reasons. 

There are several reasons why a remote start system might be disabled or not work properly. In this article, we’ll focus on the common causes and fixes of these problems.

Reasons Solutions Models that face this issue frequently
Hood sensor or switch is faulty Adjust the hood pinJeep Grand Cherokee, Ram 1500
Problems with batteries Recharge or replace the batteries 2011-2014, 2016 Dodge Ram 1500
Issues with tachometer signals Retain the tachometer 2010 Kia Soul, 2005 Ford F150
Coolant and pressure problems Add enough coolantAll cars with remote start feature
Faulty key fobReplace the key fob2015 Chrysler town and country, Audi A4, Mazda 3
Vehicle isn’t in park modeShift the vehicle into park modeAll cars with remote start feature
Active hazards light Turn off the hazard light before operating the remote start.Ram 1500, Hyundai Sonata, Hyundai Turbo
Alive check light Turn off the light before starting the remote startAll cars with remote start feature
Faulty programming Reprogramme Dodge Ram, Chrysler 200, Dodge Avenger
Valet mode on Deactivate the valet modeDodge Challenger, Ford F150, Range Rover sport 2014

Reason 1: Hood Sensor or Switch Is Faulty

It is possible that a faulty hood sensor or switch could disable the remote start function of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. If the hood sensor detects that the hood is open, it may prevent the Jeep from starting. 

A hood switch signals the vehicle’s computer when the hood is opened or closed. It could prevent the remote start system from working if either of these components is faulty.

As soon as you find the problem with the hood sensor and switch, you need to fix the issue.


First of all, inspect the pin of the switch to see if it is still inactive or not. If you find it active, make sure that it moves freely without becoming too loose.

Then, you may need to adjust the hood pin if it gets displaced. Usually, hood pins tend to become rusty. In that case, you need to replace the hood pin. 

However, make sure to use the rust inhibitor consistently after installing the new hood pin. It will prevent it from rusting and functioning for a long time.    

Reason 2: Issues with Batteries

A battery issue is another major reason for the remote start staying disabled. Remote start systems are powered by the vehicle’s battery. The remote start system may not work if the battery is low or dead. This may also lead to your Ford vehicle starting and dying immediately.

Moreover, the key fob for the remote start system also relies on a battery to function. The remote start system may not work if the key fob battery is dead or low. Using the wrong batteries will result in your remote starting and shutting off after a while. 


In order to fix battery issues that cause your remote start system to be disabled, follow these steps:

Step One: First of all, check the battery in the key fob. If you find it low or dead, you can try replacing the battery in the key fob.

Step Two: If you still find the remote start malfunctioning, inspect the vehicle’s battery. If the battery is low or dead, you must charge the battery. Also, you can try jump-starting the battery. Your battery may need to be replaced if it is damaged or does not hold a charge.

Step Three: At this point, clean and secure all battery connections. Cleaning or tightening loose or corroded connections may be necessary if there are any.

Sometimes faulty alternators and starters lead the battery to drain or not charge properly. This situation asks for professional assistance. Repairs can be recommended by them after diagnosing the problem.

Note: It happens mostly in 2011-2014, 2016,2017, and 2018 Dodge Ram 1500.

Reason 3: Problems with Tachometer Signals

Problems with Tachometer Signals

In order to determine if the vehicle is in a safe condition for remote starting, the 2015 Ford F150 and 2010 Kia Soul remote start system uses the tachometer signal. 

The remote start system may not be able to accurately determine the engine’s status if the tachometer or tachometer signal is functioning incorrectly. Let’s proceed to the solution as soon as you suspect that the tachometer is faulty. 


To fix this issue, you need to retrain the tachometer. You can do it easily by following the steps given below. 

  1. Turning on the engine is the first step. Then, hold the foot brake securely.
  2. Now, hold down the brake and press the wireless start button for 3-4 seconds at the same time. By doing so, the parking light will experience a single blink. 
  3. Then, use the remote control to start the Ram 1500 after it has been turned off. 

If this is not the responsible issue, keep reading to know the further reasons. 

Reason 4: Pressure And Coolant Problems

Pressure and coolant issues can shut down the remote start feature on your car. The remote start may be disabled if the coolant temperature sensor indicates that the coolant temperature is too high.

On the other hand, if there is not enough coolant in the radiator or expansion tank, remote start may not work.

Moreover, some vehicles have a sensor for monitoring engine oil pressure. The remote start can be disabled if the oil pressure sensor indicates that the pressure is too high. The remote start may be disabled as well if the oil pressure sensor indicates that the oil pressure is too low.


To fix this issue, it is necessary to identify the root cause of the coolant or pressure problem. 

  1. First, check if there are any leaks in both systems; if leaks are there, fix them. Then, move to add enough coolant until you reach the required level. Overfilling the coolant system is also not recommended. 
  2. Repair and replace the radiator and water pump if required.

The remote start should work again once the coolant and pressure levels are within normal ranges.

Note: This issue is common in generic car models with remote start features. 

Reason 5: Problematic Key Fob

Problematic Key Fob

A problem with the key fob can prevent the remote start system from working correctly if it is used to activate the remote start system. Key fob batteries that are dead will not be able to transmit the remote start signal.

Then, if the key fob is damaged or not functioning correctly, the vehicle’s remote start system may not receive the correct signal. Therefore remote start gets disabled. 


First of all, remove the key from the fob. Then, hold the lock and remote start buttons for a few seconds.

Now recharge the fob batteries. If it still doesn’t work,  replace the key fob batteries or replace the key fob to resolve the issue. This will allow the remote to start functioning properly again.

Note: This issue is common in the 2015 Chrysler town and country, Audi A4, and Mazda 3. 

Reason 6: Vehicle Isn’t in Park Mode

Another prominent reason for the disabled remote system is having drive mode on the car. It is usually not possible to use the remote start if the vehicle is not in park mode. It is for safety reasons that the vehicle cannot be started remotely while it is not in park.


Simply shift the vehicle into park mode and try the remote start again.

If it still doesn’t work, you need to go through the other reasons given below. 

Note: This issue is common in all car models with remote start features. 

Reason 7: Active Hazards Lights

Usually, other drivers get alerted to your intention to stop by the hazard lights. If you leave the hazard lights on even after stopping the car, it initiates the remote start disabled. 


You just need to turn off the hazard light before you operate the remote start. 

Note: Ram 1500, Hyundai Sonata, and Hyundai Turbo cars usually face this problem. 

Reason 8: Alive “Check Engine” Light

Check engine lights are safety features. They indicate the unintentional starting of your vehicle. Therefore, if you have the check engine light on, you cannot use remote start. But don’t confuse it with checking brake system lights, as they are different issues. 


It will be necessary to troubleshoot this warning before using the remote start. For that, make sure that the gas cap is properly closed before turning on the car because a loose gas cap can initiate the light. 

Also, there are some other reasons for which you can face this issue. You should know how to fix your “check engine” light, as ignoring this will lead to more severe problems for your vehicle.

Note: This issue is common in generic car models with remote start features. 

Reason 9: Incorrect Programming

Jeep’s computer system can malfunction and disable the remote start feature. It could be a software problem, a programming problem, or a system malfunction.


To fix this issue, Jeep’s computer programming must be checked, and if necessary, you need to repair and replace it. You may have to update the software or reprogramme certain components. 

After the programming issue has been resolved, the remote start should work properly again.

You must take professional assistance to resolve the programming issues. You could potentially cause further damage or issues if you attempt to fix it yourself.

Note: It frequently happens in Dodge Ram, Chrysler 200, and Dodge Avenger.

Reason 10: Valet Mode on the Remote Starter

By pressing multiple buttons at the same time can lead the starter key to enter valet mode. The remote start will not work if the valet mode is on. 

If the parking lights don’t flash while locking and unlocking the doors remotely, it is a clear sign that valet mode is on.   


The issue can be fixed by deactivating the valet mode. You can deactivate the valet mode by following the methods given below.

Method 1:  You need to turn on the ignition and then hit the brake ten times. Now you’re going to see the module is going to blink twice. This is how you know you’re already out of valet mode. 

Method 2: The second way to get out of the valet is to turn the ignition on. Then you need to press the lock and trunk buttons at the same time. At this point, it will blink twice to confirm that you’re out of valet mode. 

Note: This often happens in Dodge Challenger, Ford F150, and Range Rover Sport 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Will disconnecting the battery reset the key fob?

Disconnecting the battery will not reset the key fob. However, sometimes disconnecting and reconnecting your car’s battery after a few minutes might help to reset the key fob. You should follow the instructions given by the manufacturers.  

Can the cold affect a key fob?

A key fob’s battery can be affected by cold weather. Extreme cold may reduce battery power and limit signal transmission distance. Also, the cold can sluggish the electronic components inside the key fob, affecting its performance as well.

Is it expensive to replace a key fob?

The expense absolutely depends on the vehicle and its manufacturer. However, the cost would be $50 to $110 to replace a key fob. The highest lifetime of a key fob is 3-4 years; you should change it after that.  

End Note

Hopefully, you’ve got a clear vision regarding the issue of the remote start disabled start vehicle to reset.

The article provides each of the reasons and solutions respectively for a disabled remote starter. It is possible to handle some problems on your own by going through the solution given above.

However, there are some issues that need the assistance of a professional, such as programming your starter.

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