Powder Coat Vs. Plasti Dip: Which Is Better?

Want to make your pleasant ride even better? 

One of the best methods to do this is to change the color of your wheels. You might have no trouble picking the right color, but choosing the right type of paint can make or break the results. 

Powder coating and plasti dipping are two of the most common ways to paint the wheels of a car. Both approaches have many pros and cons. 

One of them might be better for you in terms of cost, use, or coverage. Stay around to find out more about powder coat vs. plasti dip. And then you can decide Which is better as your choice. 

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Powder Coat Vs. Plasti Dip

Let’s compare both power coats and plasti dip briefly.

Application Process.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a protective finish that is applied in powder form. The powder is made by melting and grinding resin, flow modifiers, pigments, and leveling agents into fine powder. The powder is then put on the workpiece with an electrostatic gun, which helps it stick. The item is then heated in a ceramic oven, where it is “cured,” and chemical bonds are made that are very strong.


Plasti-dip is a “specialty rubber coating that dries in the air,” according to the company’s website. It can bend and stretch and helps protect things from the weather. It is used in the same way as spray paint.

Quality And Durability

Powder Coating

Powder coating is resistant to cracking, peeling, abrasion, and corrosion if applied correctly. Powder coating is also resistant to UV rays, wind, snow, rain, and other types of weather.


Plasti-dip makes a barrier that keeps things safe but doesn’t last very long. In fact, it is a popular product in the auto industry because it lasts for a long time. It can start to peel if it’s exposed to the weather or just gets worn down over time. Plasti-dip works well on things that don’t get used very often.

Price And Your Cost

Powder Coating

Powder coating is the most expensive among spray painting, plasti-dip, and powder coating. Depending on the size of the task, powder coating something can cost as little as $15 or as much as more than a few hundred dollars. It will last longer than the other choices, though.


Plasti-Dip costs about $7–$15 per can, which is more than spray paint. But it is a little cheaper than powder coating. If done professionally, it can cost as much as powder coating. Again, the price to plasti-dip something will depend on your project size.

Disadvantages (Limitations)

Powder Coating

Powder coating is not always a good choice, though. The project needs to be both electromagnetic and handle temperatures between 375 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Some plastics, wood, rubber, and other materials can’t be powder coated.


Plasti-dip is easy to tear or rip, so if you put it on something that gets a lot of use, you will have to replace it soon. Also, the number of colors you can choose from is limited. It doesn’t look quite as nice as spray paint or powder coating.

How Long Does It Take For Plasti Dip To Dry? Well Explained

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Plasti Dip Rims Durability

You can plasti dip your wheels while you watch TV for an hour or two. You can do it during the commercial breaks. Even taking the wheels off the car isn’t necessary. Yes! It is a simple process to plasti dip rims. 

However, Don’t think it will last forever. So, you may need to do a plasti dip again within 12 months or one and half years. The duration between two plasti dip cycles depends on your choice. 

How To Prep Rims For Plasti Dip?

How To Plasti Dip Your Wheels at Home!

Plastidip isn’t hard to use, but it does take time. Follow these step-by-step instructions for a very simple but cool car mod once you’ve set a time and place to do the work. 

Your Wheels Should Be Washed And Dried Well.

Plastidip takes a few hours to put on, so we suggest washing your wheels well the day before and putting your car in a garage overnight. So, you can be sure that the wheels are completely dry, and the next day, the process won’t seem as long.

Cover Up What You Don’t Want To Get We

If you’re working in your driveway or garage, put some cardboard or cloth around the tire’s base to keep paint from getting on the floor. In the same way, use plastic or cloth to cover the fenders and keep overspray off the car’s body. 

Prep Work

The Plastidip kit includes 4 cans of Plastidip and a few other things. One of these products, the Dip Release, cleans the tire before spraying the wheels. Using the microfiber material that came with the kit, apply a small amount of Dip Release to the sidewall of the tire, making sure to avoid the lip of the rim. 

The Dip Release makes it easy to peel off any extra Plasti Dip spray from the tire wall, so you do not need to worry about covering up the tires. You should avoid the lip of the rim, though, because it can make the Plastidip less sticky and cause it to peel.

A Little More Prep Work Here

After you’ve used the Dip Release, you’ll want to use the Pre-Dip Spray. This spray helps the Plasti dip stick to the surface of your wheels. Ensure the spray is only on the wheels, not the tire itself.

Start Spraying

You can either spray the wheels right away or use a piece of scrap metal to practice first. Spraying isn’t hard to get the hang of. Do a practice run only if you bought an extra can of Plastidip. 

Depending on the size of the wheels, you may need four full cans. Use short, sweeping motions to spray Plastidip on the wheels. Be wary not to spray too much or too little in one place. Put on 4–5 coats, letting each one dry for 15 minutes in between.

How Long Does A Powder Coat Last?

Does powder coat last forever?

Powder coating is a popular way to finish metal surfaces because it provides a durable and long-lasting finish. But how long does a powder coat last? In general, powder coating finishes can last up to 20 years.

 However, the finish may wear down faster if the powder-coated surface is used often, exposed to UV light, or left outside. To help prolong the life of your powder coating, it’s important to clean and maintain the surface regularly. With proper care, your powder coating can continue to protect and look great for many years to come.

Different coatings also last for different amounts of time. For example, fluoropolymers and urethanes can make coatings last longer.

Can You Powder Coat Over A Powder Coat?

Yes, that is the simple answer. Nothing about powder coating makes the material fundamentally incompatible with more powder coating. Most of the time, you can still have the powder put on and let it cure to make a new coating that looks just like new. But it’s important to remember that putting on a new powder coat isn’t always the best way to fix things.

If you decide to powder coat something that has already been powder coated, you should know that it will take more time and cost than other coating solutions. If you want the quality protection you deserve, you don’t have a choice but to add a new powder coat if you have serious sticking problems.

To start, you’ll have to rip off the old coat down to the metal. Don’t skimp on the stripping, either, because a powder coat finish is only as strong as its weakest layer.

Once done, you’ll need to ensure that the application and curing processes go smoothly. If the powder coating is done correctly, there shouldn’t be any problems. If there are, it’s probably because of a mistake in the process or the equipment.

Can You Plasti Dip Over The Powder Coat?

Can You Plasti Dip Over The Powder Coat?
Powder Coat Vs. Plasti Dip: Which Is Better?

Yes, it is possible to plasti dip over the powder coat surface. If you wanted to, you could put plasti dip over the powder coating until you could get as much of the powder coating off as possible. If the plasti dip starts to peel, just peel it off and spray it again.

You can use a plasti dip or powder coat to gain a new look for your wheels. There are unique characteristics of both methods. Plastidip costs less, and its durability is less. On the other hand, a Powder coat is a little more expensive than plasti dip, but it is a long-lasting coat. You can also apply plasti dip over a powder coat and another plasti dip over a plasti dip surface. 

Is plasti dip durable on wheels?

Yes, There is no doubt about it. But, it will not last for ten to twenty years. You may need another plasti dip cycle within a year or a half. 

Is powder coating better than Plasti Dip?

Yes, considering the durability, a powder coat is better than plasti dip. However, If you want to try a new color and just want to see how it looks, Plasti Dip is a better choice than a strong powder coat.

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