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Jeep Volume Not Working: All Reasons & Solutions

What if you suddenly found the volume system of your jeep is not working while you are on a long trip? Saddening right? A proper sound system is so important to get connected with the world while driving.

So, what causes the jeep volume not working problem?

A damaged radio chip, a blocked stereo system, software un-updated, or a faulty volume knob can cause jeep volume not working. The easiest solution to these problems is to reset the sound system. Other than that, you can also replace the system or get the radio chip fixed. 

If you have got some time to spend on this subject, the following article won’t disappoint you. Just give it a read for all kinds of important details. 

Why Is the Jeep Volume Not Working?

Jeep volume not working is not only a common problem for jeep users but also a regular phenomenon for many vehicle users. This problem is basically a sound system problem. That means no volume knob or radio button is working in the system.

jeep audio not working

In some cases, it gets difficult to control the volume as it goes up all of a sudden and then suddenly turns off in the next few minutes. There are a few causes that can trigger the volume problem of the jeep that will be discussed in the article further. 

Jeep Volume Not Working: For Different Jeep Models

2011-2017 Jeep CompassBlocked stereo system Reset the system
2018-2022 Jeep CompassBlocked stereo systemReset the system
Jeep WranglerElectrical components stopped workingDamaged radio chipRestart the carFix the radio chip
Jeep CherokeeOutdated Uconnect softwareDamaged volume knobUpdate the softwareReplace the volume knob
Jeep Grand CherokeeSoftware not updatedDisconnect and reconnect the battery negative terminal. Reset the system and update the software
Jeep PatriotFaulty radio chipFix the radio chip

2011-2017 Jeep Compass Volume Not Working

There are several reasons that can make your jeep compass stereo system blocked. In those scenarios, the jeep compass volume doesn’t work. This issue is similar for all the jeep compass models from 2011 to 2017.


The main reason behind the jeep compass (2011-2017) doesn’t work is due to the blocked stereo system. In those cases, you won’t be able to listen to any kind of music or audio system including the radio in your vehicle. 

Usually, resetting is the only effective solution for those cases. 


Below you would find the detailed process of resetting the jeep compass Uconnect system-

Soft Reset:

  • Stop your vehicle with the engine setting in ‘RUN’ mode
  • Locate both the volume and turner knobs situated on the front of the stereo system
  • Press and hold both the button for at least 10-20 seconds
  • Meanwhile, the stereo will shut and reboot itself. Release the knob when the screen goes black 

A soft reset won’t lose any previous settings of your jeep. 

Hard Reset:

  • Stop your vehicle on the engine set to ‘RUN’
  • Locate both the red and blue arrow that operates the driver’s temperature 
  • Hold both buttons at the same time for at least 5 seconds until it shows the Uconnect engineering screen 
  • Scroll through the menu to find ‘Reset Factory Defaults’
  • After selecting that tab give your system, 30 seconds for resetting 

A hard reset will remove all the previous connections and contents from the stereo system.

2018-2022 Jeep Compass Volume Not Working

For the jeep compass 2018-2022 series, volume not working is not an uncommon issue. However, it has an easy solution to the problem.


For the Jeep Compass series, the common reason behind the stereo system going wrong is the blocked stereo system. The reasons behind the blocked stereo system can be many but the only solution is resetting the system.


Steps of resetting Jeep Compass 2018-2022-

  • Stop your vehicle on the engine set to ‘RUN’
  • Locate both the volume and turner knobs situated on the front of the stereo system
  • Press and hold both the button for at least 10 seconds

Jeep Wrangler Volume Not Working

Some jeep wrangler users have reported volume not working issues in their jeep wrangler. For solving such a problem, you need to figure out the main issue behind it before starting the fixation. 


In some cases, the radio chip inside the radio can be damaged in your jeep wrangler sound system. In those cases, you might not be able to radio or FM.  You need to fix the radio chip by opening the radio to solve this issue. 

Sometimes, all the electric components of the car stop working. If this is the case, the volume, radio, wiper, windows, etc. will also stop. Window sticking on Jeeps can also happen for other reasons. 


First, shut down the car and restart it. If the electrical components stopped working together, this would solve the issue. If not, go to the next solution. 

Here is the solution to the damaged radio chip-

  • Start with removing the vents in the dash one in the center and the other left to the steering wheel
  • Hold the vent lock inside and rotate it counterclockwise and then take it out of the place
  • Now, pop out the window controller pressing through the vents. Pop the safety controller for freeing it
  • Remove the 7mm bolt under the window controller
  • Remove the rubber tray from the top filled with the bold under it
  • Pull out the panel underneath the steering wheel inside the panel, remove the bolts
  • Take off the whole dash pad and pull out the batteries but unscrew it
  • Open the front cover and the upper cover of the radio by pulling and unclipping it
  • Now, unclip the ribbon cable and take the CD drive box out
  • Locate the damaged chip under the antenna and joint it with a heat gun
  • Put the CD drive back in and reconnect the whole radio system
  • Finally, set it on the vehicle along with all the open components following the reverse sequence of opening it

Jeep Cherokee Volume Not Working

Jeep Cherokee Volume Not Working

Some of the users of the jeep Cherokee have faced volume not working issues in their vehicle. Let’s see what are the possible problems and the solutions to them.


Sometimes, the volume knob itself can get damaged. Jeep Cherokee sometimes faces such issues. For that reason, you need to change the volume knob.

You cannot remove only the volume knob, hence you have to replace the entire head unit for fixing the volume issue. Also, outdated Uconnect software can cause this issue as well. 


Here is the steps of how you can solve the damaged volume knob in the jeep Cherokee-

  • First, carefully take off the dash pad frame over the sound system carefully
  • After removing that, take off the entire head unit. For doing that unclip the connection underneath the head unit connecting to the jeep
  • Now, take the new head unit and first plug the cable of the jeep into the right place of the head unit
  • Now, place the new head unit and simply push it gently inward so that the clips can set tightly to the vehicle
  • Check all the volume knobs and system knobs to examine if they are working properly After fixing the knobs, you can add some decoration cover on the volume knob. It looks great. 

If that doesn’t work, call your mechanic and have him update the software. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee Volume Not Working

Jeep grand Cherokee users have the same issue with their stereo system. They sometimes found the volume not working. Let’s see what is the reason behind this and how we can solve it. 


Jeep Grand Cherokee users often face this issue. The volume button won’t work and suddenly turn on with full volume blasting off. Usually, the software is the reason such a thing can happen. It can also be an error in the volume system itself.


If the issue may be the volume system, turn off your jeep and leave it for a few hours and the problem may go away. If the issue isn’t solved, you need a software update. 

  • Before going into the software update try disconnecting the negative terminal from your car’s battery. Leave it disconnected for 15 seconds and reconnect it. If that doesn’t work, go to the next part. If your car’s interior light doesn’t work, this process might solve that problem as well. 
  • There are some software updates that you need to do to keep your system updated error-free. If the software is not updated, such a problem can take place. It is not always possible to do the software update without any help. So, the best option is to take expert help for the software update.

Other than software updates, resetting the system also works in some cases. Resetting the system is a pretty simple process. Here are the detailed process given below-

  • Locate both the volume and turner knobs 
  • Press and hold both buttons for at least 20 seconds
  • Wait for a while for the system to reset

Jeep Patriot Volume Not Working

The Jeep Patriot is not free from the volume not working problem. Inspect your system carefully to know the root of the problem.


For the jeep patriot’s damaged radio chip is a reason for the volume not working problem. You can find the solution below. 


Here is the process of repairing a faulty radio chip in a jeep patriot-

  • First, take out the dash pad frame by simply pulling it off carefully
  • Remove the wire connection behind which is a simple squeeze tab
  • Now, take off the radio control wire and take the radio out
  • Take off the front and the top cover of the radio
  • Take off the CD drive from the chamber and disconnect the ribbon connection
  • Inside the connection board, you will find the faulty chip
  • Hold the chip firmly and push it gently while heating it with an air gun 
  • Finally, set the radio back and place it on the jeep securing all the screws and frames carefully

Here’s the model-based solution. However, apart from these solutions, here’s an easy common solution to fix the no-volume problem in Jeep. According to many Jeep users just shutting down the car overnight solves the no-volume problem. You may try this as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why does the jeep volume only go till 38?

After research, the experts have concluded that 38 discrete volume settings provided the perfect amount of adjustability. This is not too fine, not too harsh. And thus, it has become accepted by all the jeep companies. 

How to restore the volume control?

Under the notification in the taskbar menu, click on the Turn system icon on or off. A new panel will pop up. Here you can toggle on/off the various system icons. But be sure that the volume control toggle is set on. Finally, restart the window for checking the taskbar. 

How to change the volume limiter?

For changing the volume limiter, go to the settings option and pick Sound & Haptics. Then pick the headphone safety option. Turn on the reduce loud sounds toggle switch and now you can set your desired sound limit. 

Final Words

We are done with our discussion on Jeep volume not working. Hope the article could solve all your queries on it. 

If you still can’t fix the issue following the mentioned methods, don’t delay to see an expert regarding it. 

Have a good day!

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