Jeep Start/Stop System Warning Light: Possible Reasons & Solution

The Jeep Start/Stop System warning turned on means that 

  • Battery is damaged or the auxiliary battery is low and you need to replace the battery
  • Spark plug is damaged or worn out and you need to clean or replace it
  • Fuel is contaminated or less than required and just replace the fuel
  • Transmission Range Sensor fails and you should replace it

You can fix it by yourself or by seeking help from the professionals. Keep reading this article to learn more about fixing the Jeep Start/Stop System Warning light.  

Reasons Behind The Warning Light Malfunction & Solutions

The Jeep Start/Stop light has some significance. Here the green light indicates the engine has been shut off and the yellow, amber, or flashing amber light indicates a malfunction in the system. If you find the light flashing green, that indicates, the steering wheel lock is not released. 

So when you see such lights, you must inspect your jeep carefully to know the reasons behind it and solve the problem accordingly. 

You can also face a similar kind of issue with the Jeep Cherokee, which is the Interior lights won’t turn off.

Battery IssueAuxiliary battery is low, Faulty batteryReplace the battery
Spark plug problemWorn or damaged spark plugClean or replace the spark plugs
Fuel problemFuel contaminated or less than requiredReplace the fuel or refill if necessary
Faulty transmission range sensorTransmission range sensor fails, Transmission range wears out, Transmission range sensors suffer from malfunctionReplace the transmission range sensor
The vehicle is in the wrong gearTransmission fluid low, Failed clutch master cylinder, Torn linkage wearRefill the transmission fluid till required amount, Repair the clutch master cylinder, Replace the damaged linkage wear

However, If you find the system warning light color is amber/flashing amber, your vehicle needs an expert inspection to figure out the actual problem. 

Battery Issue (Amber/Flashing Amber Warning Light)

The Jeep Start/Stop System Warning Light can be triggered by a battery issue. The start/stop system relies on the auxiliary battery, and if it fails, the warning light signals a problem. 

Often, the main culprit for this warning light is the battery itself, which, if incorrect, not only triggers the light but also causes other issues. Auxiliary battery failure can result from wear and tear, displacement, or using the wrong-sized battery. 

If the start/stop system stops working suddenly, it’s likely due to battery inefficiency. Keep an eye out for a red battery light in the upper left corner of the screen, indicating a malfunction.


To stop the Jeep Start/Stop System warning light just replace the battery. 

Step 1: Pop the hood by releasing the latch on either side and lift it up.

Step 2: Find the battery, usually located on the left or passenger side near the firewall.

Step 3: Start by disconnecting any accessory wires from the battery, beginning with the negative side.

Step 4: Remove the battery hold-down clamp or bracket.

Step 5: Lift the old battery out of the tray and set it aside.

Step 6: Place the new battery into the tray and secure it using the hold-down clamp or bracket.

Step 7: Reconnect the wires and cables, starting with the positive cables and then the negative connections.

Step 8: Check that your Jeep starts smoothly without any issues, and make sure the CEL (check engine light) is not illuminated.

For a video demonstration, check this video:

Make sure to replace the battery properly or else the battery might not charge up properly.  

Spark Plug Issue:

Spark Plug Issue

The Jeep Start/Stop System Warning Light might come on due to a spark plug problem. The spark plug is important for starting the engine, and if it’s not working well, it can lead to misfires. 

These misfires can then impact how the start/stop system performs. Essentially, if the spark plug is faulty or worn out, it can trigger the warning light because it’s affecting the engine’s ignition process.


Just replace the spark plug to fix the start-stop system warning light issue on Jeep. 

Step 1: Disconnect all the electrical connections from the ignition coil. After that, remove the ignition coil after that. 

Step 2: Use compressed air to get rid of any kind of dirt or dust stuck inside the spark plug tubes. 

Step 3: Unscrew the spark plugs. You can use a ratchet equipped with a spark plug socket. 

Step 4: Use a gap plug to measure the gaps on the new spark plugs with a gap gauge. Make sure the gap is according to the owner’s manual. 

Step 5: Install the new spark plugs by hand and tighten the plug with a torque wrench. Finally, reinstall the ignition coil and all the electrical connections, and you are set for the run. 

To avoid spark plug issues, it is important to use better-quality spark plugs. It is recommended by the experts to be either made of copper, platinum, or double platinum. 

You can also keep your eyes on the FCW sensor cleaning process. 

Fuel Problem:

The Jeep Start/Stop System Warning Light might light up if there’s an issue with the fuel system. The fuel system includes the fuel pump, a crucial part of the start/stop system to work properly.

Battery Issue

If the fuel pump has problems, it can cause the warning light to come on. Using the wrong type of fuel can also lead to issues, so it’s vital to use the correct fuel and keep the fuel level where it should be. 

Problems like poor engine performance and misfiring, often linked to fuel, can impact the start/stop system and trigger the warning light. To avoid the Jeep Start/Stop System Warning Light, it’s crucial to keep the fuel system in good shape.


Here is the step-by-step solution-

Step 1: Check the fuel tank. Make sure your fuel tank is functioning properly. 

Step 2: If lack of fuel is the issue with your jeep, determine why the lack of engine is taking place or if it is due to an electrical problem, fuel pump issue, or leaking of the fuel pump. If none of these are the reason, simply refill the fuel pump with the required amount of fuel. 

Step 3: Fuel delivery testing should be done to make sure the fuel passing is proper. If the fuel is not passing properly. If not then diagnose the pressure and volume. Measuring the amperage of the fuel pump helps to detect the issue. 

Step 4: Sometimes the fuel pump can go wrong. In that case, replacing the fuel pump can only be the solution. The steps are pretty straightforward. If you follow the owner’s manual, you will be able to do it easily following all the steps. 

Step 5: Sometimes, the wrong fuel can cause problems. Make sure the fuel you are using on your vehicle is the correct one. So adjust the fuel level according to what’s required.

Other than all the mentioned reasons that cause jeep start/stop system warning lights, some other reasons can be, a faulty starter motor, faulty brake pedal switch, faulty Transmission range sensor, vehicle being in the wrong gear, and so on. 

The Vehicle is in the Wrong Gear

If the vehicle is running in the wrong gear, a red warning light will indicate the problem to you. A few reasons can cause the wrong gear in your vehicle. Those are-


Here are the simple solutions to the wrong gear problem-

Refill the transmission fluid to the required level.

Replace or make adjustments to the failed clutch master cylinder. 

You can try to repair the torn linkage wear of gear but it is best to replace those. 

Faulty Transmission Range Sensor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is the Jeep Start/stop Not Ready?

If your jeep start/stop is not ready, that indicates, the secondary battery is getting charged. If you are moving around the neighborhood with many time stops, it can cause an issue. In those cases, you need to let the battery get charged first, and then you are good to go with your vehicle. 

Can the Jeep Be Driven While the Start/stop Light is Turned On?

You can drive a few miles with the start-stop light turned on. But the best solution is to stop the car as soon as possible and inspect where the problem lies. Don’t get intimidated when you see flashing lights. If the car is not making any noise, you can keep driving.

Can a Battery Cause the Start/stop System Warning Light?

If you select the wrong battery, that can cause a start/stop system warning light. It also causes the start-stop system failure. An incorrect battery not only causes the warning light issue but also leads your engine to various other problems. If you find such a battery issue, it is better to replace the battery. 

Final Words

In conclusion, the Jeep start/stop system warning light takes place for different reasons from the battery not working properly to issues in the fuel system. You can fix the problems easily by replacing a few components. However, it is better to always diagnose the problem properly and then solve it.

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