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Jeep Odometer Not Showing: Problems, Reasons & Solutions

Odometer is an unavoidably crucial part of a vehicle that lets the owner know about the vehicle’s performance. But what if you find your odometer is showing no reading? This is a matter of serious concern, right?

So what causes the Jeep odometer not showing issues?

There can be many reasons behind the Jeep odometer not showing, for example, wrong odometer setting, blocked odometer, MPH alert turned on or the speed sensor is defective. All these issues vary from jeep model to model and you need to be very alert while detecting the root of the problem. 

This is just an initial heads-up regarding the whole discussion. In the following article, you will find everything that you need to know regarding the odometer not showing the problem and the solution to it. 

Jeep Odometer Not Showing for Different Jeep Models

Model NameReasons Solution
Jeep Compass Odometer not showingMPH alert turned onTurn off the MPH alert
Jeep Cherokee Wrong odometer setting
Damaged gauge cluster
Ground Issue
Correct the Odometer setting
Replace the gauge cluster
Clean or tighten the ground connection 
Jeep Grand CherokeeOdometer got blockedReset the odometer
Jeep WranglerThe speed sensor not working
Bad Connector  
Replace speed sensor
Check the cluster circuit connection 
Jeep TJ Bad chip on the clusterReplace the cluster
Jeep PatriotIncorrect odometer reading 
Electrical fault in dashboard
Jumpstart the engine
Jeep Liberty Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) not working Replace the speed sensor
Jeep Wrangler 4xeSoftware not updatedUpdate the software to solve the jeep odometer not showing

Jeep Compass Odometer Not Showing:

The jeep compass is one of the well-known jeep models. Sometimes, the odometer of this particular model doesn’t work. Here in the following, you will find the reason and the solution to it-

Reason: MPH Alert Turned On

The odometer not showing on Jeep Compass can cause due to turning on the MPH alert. MPH alert is a speed warning alert that is set to the jeep. In some cases, the MPH alert creates difficulty in showing the odometer, especially for the jeep compass. 

Solution: Turn Off the MPH Alert

Here is the process of turning off the MPH alert in the jeep-

  • First, enter the vehicle setting using the buttons beside the steering wheel
  • Then enter the safety and assist option
  • Next, hit the speed warning button which will show the speed set for the vehicle
  • Press on the speed showing the number and shut this off
  • Now, it has shut off and you will see the mileage on the odometer.

Jeep Cherokee Odometer Not Showing:

Jeep Cherokee, another famous jeep model also faces odometer not showing issues. The possible reason and the solution to it are described below-

Reason 1: Wrong Odometer Setting

Sometimes, a wrong odometer setting can cause problems in showing the odometer. Sometimes, when you are not aware of the whole display processing of the jeep, the wrong setting can take place. 

Solution: Correct the Odometer Setting

You can correctly set the odometer by following the steps below-

  • First, look into the display and then press okay on enter screen setup option. You will find the buttons beside the steering wheel
  • Next scroll to the favorite menu and enter the right arrow from the switches
  • Check both Trip Info and Fuel Economy showing on the screen
  • Now, press okay to save the changes

So now, you have the right odometer setting in your jeep. The mileage that shows in the center of the driver’s place is the odometer reading. 

You can also check- 

Reason 2: Damaged Gauge Cluster

A damaged gauge cluster on your dashboard can cause the odometer to not show on your Jeep Cherokee. Sometimes, the gauges on the dashboard can lose connection due to cracked mounting screws between the cluster circuit and the gauge.

A loose ground connection can also cause the problem. In most cases, fixing the ground connection helps the gauges to work again. If not, you may need to replace the whole cluster. 

Sometimes, replacing the cluster can change your mileage. So, make sure the mileage is accurate on your new instrument cluster. 

Solution: Replace the Cluster

Replacing the whole cluster can be very technical and requires professional assistance. The instrument cluster for Jeep Cherokee can be expensive starting from $800 to $1100 and the repair service charge can cost around $300. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee Odometer Not Showing:

Who doesn’t know about the Grand Cherokee jeep? But sometimes, it faces an odometer not showing the issue. Before solving the issue make sure you know where the main issue lies. 

Reason: Odometer Got Blocked

In most cases, the blocked odometer doesn’t show the reading. In those cases, you need to reset the entire odometer setting. Your display will show the odometer reading again. 

Solution: Reset The Odometer

The process of odometer resetting is described below-

  • First, hold the right button on the trip odometer. Hold the button for a few seconds until the trip odometer shows zero
  • If this button fails to work, use the right-hand counter comodo
  • Press at the end of the right-hand counter comodo button for a few seconds until the odometer is reset to zero
  • Finally, go to the configuration of the vehicle through the center console and display, and reset it to zero

Sometimes, your jeep also needs to reset so that the system can get rid of the minor issues. 

Jeep Wrangler Odometer Not Showing:

Jeep wrangles have sometimes shown odometer issues, specifically the 2018 Jeep Wrangler. Mostly, the issue is odometer is not spinning or showing any reading. There can be many reasons for this and you will find them below. 

Reason 1: The Speed Sensor Not Working

In most cases, speed sensors defect cause the odometer not to show the issue in the 2018 jeep wrangler. Wear out speed sensor and the broken plastic gears of the speed sensor is the main issue here. Sometimes, a loose connection can also do the same problem.

You can easily resolve this particular part by following a few steps shown below.

Speed Sensor Not Working

Solution: Replace the Speed Sensor

Here is how you can fix a faulty speed sensor-

  • Open the dashboard of the vehicle and disconnect the negative terminal of the battery
  • Inside the car, unscrew the bolts on the dash above the display screen 
  • Grab the headlight button and pull it outward, turn it and pull outward to remove it
  • Remove the plastic bezel that covers the gauges but pop them outwards
  • Remove 4 of the screws and take out the gauge cluster carefully and disconnect from the back
  • All the golden screws have to be removed with a socket and remove the plastic cover carefully
  • Now, open the middle gauge and flip it over to locate the plastic gears under the motor
  • Pop out the broken plastic gear from the gauge cluster along with the broken pieces
  • Place the new gear in the place of the older one
  • Also, replace the old worm gear from the motor by pulling it off and pushing the new one
  • Finally, put all of the pieces in the right place and screw everything up just the way you opened everything up 

Reason 2: Bad Connector

A bad connector can cause the jeep wrangler odometer to not work. It can cause a loose connection between the cluster circuit and the BUSS connectors or with the instrument cluster pins.

Solution: Tighten the Connection

You need to pull the dash and check for any problem with the connections. If they are dirty, clean the connectors and plug them back in tightly.

Jeep TJ Odometer Not Showing:

Like every other jeep in the market, Jeep TJ also faces an odometer not working problem. Here are the reasons and solutions for it.

Reason: Bad Chip on the Cluster

If your jeep TJ has a bad cluster board or the chip of the cluster got damaged then your odometer might fail to work. For those cases, replacing the cluster is the best option.

Bad Chip on the Cluster

Solution: Replace the Cluster

Here is the solution for the jeep TJ odometer not working problem-

  • First, take a new user serving cluster from another vehicle 
  • For removing the old cluster, remove the two Philips screws from the top of the cluster 
  • Pop off the plastic frame from outside
  • There is three Philips screw underneath the frame, unscrew them as well.
  • Remove the instrument cluster from the place and remove the wiring behind it
  • Place the new cluster and attach the wiring to it
  • When you are done with the wiring, make sure you check whether the new clutch is working or not
  • If it is working, screw all the Philips screw back and your vehicle is ready for the ride

Jeep Patriot Odometer Not Showing:

The jeep patriot odometer not working can be caused due to it not working properly.

Reason: Incorrect Odometer Reading

Usually, the reasons behind the jeep patriot odometer problem are incorrect odometer reading information or electrical fault in the dashboard. For example, the oil gauge may show high pressure.

Solution: Jumpstart the Engine

Jumpstarting the vehicle can solve the odometer not showing the problem in the jeep patriot as it will reset the setting. Here is the process-

  • First, open the hood of the jeep and secure it with the handle
  • Use a jump box suitable for your vehicle 
  • Hook up the positive terminal of the jump box to the battery positive terminal first
  • Then hook up the negative terminal
  • Turn the jump box on and start your vehicle manually
  • Disconnect the cable from the manual starting
  • And finally disconnect he jump box positive and negative terminal from the battery

Jeep Liberty Odometer Not Showing:

The Jeep Liberty odometer not showing or not spinning is a basic odometer problem in jeep liberty. For solving this problem, first, you need to inspect the system properly to detect the actual cause of the issue.

Reason: Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Not Working

Speed sensor plays a vital role in odometer operation. If the speed sensor is not working in the jeep, then there will be no reading in the odometer.

Solution: Replace the Speed Sensor

Vehicle speed sensor not working is a common issue for most jeeps including jeep liberty. When the speed sensor doesn’t work, it affects the odometer, and the only solution to this problem is to replace the speedometer.

The process of VSS replacing has been mentioned in the discussion above

Jeep Wrangler 4XE Odometer Not Showing:

Jeep wrangler 4ex is a comparatively newer model among the existing jeep models. But this model also faces an odometer not working problem. 

Reason: Software Not Updated

Software error of this particular jeep model is the main reason for the problem to happen. This problem is not only for one or two vehicles but for the full jeep series. 

Solution: Update the Software

The only solution to this problem is to update the software. The 4xe does not have the capability to receive OTA software updates for changes to the drivetrain or performance. If there is a software update needed for the core computer(s), dealers have to perform those updates.

However, Uconnect updates for the radio/multimedia system and its software can be received OTA or can be downloaded to a USB drive and then updated yourself or by a dealer. 

Here are the steps for updating the Uconnect software:

  • Check the Uconnect website to see if there are any available software updates for your Jeep Wrangler 4XE. If there are, you can download them directly to a USB drive.
  • Insert the USB drive into your computer and format it to FAT32 file format. Download the software update onto the USB drive and then remove it from your computer.
  • Turn on your Jeep and insert the USB drive into the USB port located in the center console. The Uconnect system should detect the update and prompt you to install it. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • After the installation is complete, verify that the update was successful by checking the software version in the Uconnect settings. If the software version has been updated, the update was successful.

You can also take your Jeep Wrangler 4XE to a dealership to have the software updated. They will be able to download the software update for you and perform the installation.

6 Tips to Avoid the Jeep Odometer Not Showing Issue

Here are a few things that you need to pay attention to for a good odometer performance-

  • Use the right-sized fuse for the speed denser
  • Keep the cluster gauge clean from dirt and dust
  • Make sure you have the right speed sensor
  • Get all your defective wiring fixed
  • Make sure the console light bulb is functioning properly
  • Make sure the connection at the back of the dashboard is not damaged

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to reset a digital odometer mileage?

Firstly, locate the reset button in your digital odometer. You will find it in the instrument panel. Once you found it, simply press and hold the button. You need to keep it pressed until the odometer is showing a zero reading. And your digital odometer has been reset. 

How to reset the jeep dashboard?

Turn your ignition to the ON position without starting your vehicle. Locate the STEP labeled button in your Grand Cherokee jeep. Keep the button pressed until you see the menu screen. It will show how many miles are left until the service. Finally, press and hold the reset button. 

What is the odometer recall in the jeep?

Chrysler is issuing a recall for a particular jeep wrangler model in 2021 which jeep wrangler PHEVs over missing odometer readings. This kind of issue is unavoidable as it is directly related to safety and an unwanted delay for a jeep user. This also increases the risk of crashes. 

Final Words

Hope this article was helpful enough to answer all your queries regarding, the Jeep odometer not showing. You can avoid such issues if you don’t avoid basic maintenance regularly. 

One last thing to mention to you, do not take the risk of driving before getting fixed your problematic odometer. 

Have a safe drive!

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