jeep grand cherokee screen delamination

Jeep Grand Cherokee Screen Delamination: How to Fix It?

Let’s be honest. Bubbles make you happy. But the bubble at the corner of your Jeep Grand Cherokee screen doesn’t make you happy at all. It annoys you whenever you try to put the radio on.  

So, how to fix the Jeep Grand Cherokee screen delamination?

To fix the Jeep Grand Cherokee screen delamination at home, remove the radio from the bezel. Then, clean the digitizer and the screen using rubbing alcohol. After that, attach the digitizer to the screen with tape on the edges. Then, put everything back to place and see if the screen is working.

This is just a small trailer of the DIY screen delamination issue-solving process. You learn more in detail by reading the article till the end. 

What Causes Jeep Grand Cherokee Screen Delamination?

What Causes Jeep Grand Cherokee Screen Delamination

The major cause of screen delamination is the lack of glue between the screen and the digitizer. When the glue starts wearing off, it creates a gap between the digitizer and the screen. As a result, the air gets in and forms bubbles. This is why you see screen delamination in your Jeep Grand Cherokee.   

However, you can be assured that this problem is less severe than the navigation screen turning black

Now, back to the digitizer. If you’re confused about what it is, I’ll describe it briefly. It’s the main touch screen where you input your commands. It’s basically the outer part of the main screen you see in your jeep. The digitizer is connected to the main screen with a glue-like substance.

Again, the glue is not there only to connect the main screen to the digitizer. It also acts as a thermal protector for the main screen. Using glue in the middle, the main screen doesn’t get heated due to external influences like weather or hand temperature.

If this glue dries out, the screen gets in contact with the digitizer and forms bubbles. It destroys the digitizer to some extent. This doesn’t cause any major issues on the screen. But it blocks the screen and makes it difficult to read it.

So, the only solution to this problem is to clean the inside of the screen and apply new glue to it. By reading the next segment, you’ll be able to fix the screen delamination problem yourself.  

Jeep Grand Cherokee Screen Delamination Fix [Step-by-Step Process]

Jeep Grand Cherokee Screen

You can fix your Jeep Grand Cherokee screen delamination issue in two ways. One method is to leave it to the hands of a professional, which is recommended. The other is performing a quick DIY fix.  

Method 1: Contact the Dealer of Your Jeep Grand Cherokee

Now, I recommend repairing the system with a professional for issues like this. It’s like when there’s a problem with the grand Cherokee ecodiesel.

It’s because you might mess up with the whole system by fixing the screen only. It’ll impose a threat to your jeep and cost you more than a new screen installation service. 

But make sure you have the warranty to do so. Without a warranty, you’ll have to shake off a good amount to fix the screen delamination.

However, you can apply a DIY method if you don’t want to spend a hefty amount to fix the screen. I suggest approaching this method only if you feel confident enough to work with the internal parts of your Jeep. 

Method 2: Perform a DIY Screen Cleaning of Your Jeep’s Radio

To perform this method, you should strictly follow the steps below. But first, check out what tools and materials you’ll need for this procedure.       

Important Tools and Materials:

Here’s what you’ll need to collect.

  1. Dash pry tool
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Clean rug
  4. Fishing line
  5. Gloves
  6. Isopropyl Alcohol
  7. Spray Bottle
  8. Paper Towel
  9. Glass Cleaner
  10. Double-sided Tape

Step 1: Remove the Bezzle

First, you have to pull off the bezel from the inner-front side of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. You can use a dash pry tool around the perimeter and loosen the sides. But the easiest way to remove it is using your hands only. 

What you have to do is put your fingers underneath the lower cubby of the bezel. Then, grab a hold and lift it up. Disconnect it by pulling out the retaining clips around the bezel. It’ll come off easily. Set the bezel aside.   

Step 2: Pull Out the Radio

After you’ve removed the bezel, you’ll notice 4 screws mounted in the four corners of the radio. These screws are 7 millimeters. It can be a combination of both types. These screws are the reason the screen is tightly secured in the radio.

Pull Out the Radio
Source: Pull a Part

Now, take a screwdriver and remove all 4 screws. Then, pull the radio out and disconnect all the connectors associated with it. For the tube connectors, simply press and pull them out. And for the larger connector, press the sides in and out. This will completely detach the radio from the bezel.

Step 3: Loosen the Frame of the Screen and Set it Aside

As you remove the radio, place it on a clean rug upside down. You’ll notice 8 clips on the side of the screen. You have to remove them and then take out the frame from the screen. 

While removing the frame, you’ll notice a black thin connector connecting to the digitizer. Keep the connector attached and carefully place the frame on the side of the screen. 

Tip: Wear rubber gloves to protect the screen from additional smudges and dirt. 

Step 4: Take Out the Digitizer

In this step, you have to remove the digitizer. You’ll notice it’s attached to the screen with glue in the middle. So, you can’t just pull it out. Some people use a heat gun to take it out, but it’s not recommended.

The most efficient way is to use a thin fishing line to remove the digitizer. Simply place the string underneath the plastic film on one edge. Hold it on both sides tightly and take it to the other end across the screen. 

The digitizer will easily come off. Then, place it inside out on the frame you’ve set aside before.   

Step 5: Clean the Screen and the Digitizer

After removing the digitizer, the glue will be exposed to you. You’ll notice dried-out glue on the delamination area. In this step, you’ll have to clean the whole surface with isopropyl alcohol. Make sure you take the alcohol in a spray bottle and spray it all over the screen.

Then, wipe out the alcohol with paper towels and spray some glass cleaner on the screen at the end. The screen will be all clean and ready for the next step.

You should repeat the same process and clean the digitizer too. A cleaned digitizer might feel blurry, but there’s nothing to worry about. The digitizer won’t look like glass. Once the digitizer is put on the screen, it’ll look clean again.  

Warning 1: Don’t scratch the screen at any cost. Or else, you’ll have to remove the entire screen, and it’s more expensive than this procedure. 

Warning 2: Don’t use acetone instead of isopropyl alcohol. Acetone will destroy the screen instantly. 

Step 6: Apply Double-Sided Tape on the Digitizer

So, the next step is to put the digitizer back on the screen. For this, you have to put double-sided tape all around the edges of the digitizer. 

Then, carefully place the digitizer on the screen. The tape will attach the digitizer to the screen securely. Next, clean the top of the digitizer using the same cleaning process described above.

Warning: Don’t push the digitizer frame toward the screen too hard. Or else, you’ll destroy the smart-touching capability of the screen since there is no glue in the middle now.  

Step 7: Test the Radio in the Jeep

Finally, you have to reinstall the radio in the jeep. Just follow the disassembling process in reverse. Make sure you’ve connected the connectors properly. 

Then, turn on the radio and check if it’s working. Touch the screen and change some settings. You’ll notice that the screen is working just fine, and there are no bubbles like before.

Is There Any Downside to This Method?

Well, no, there isn’t any serious downside to this method. If you follow this method, I can guarantee there won’t be any delamination. It’s because you’ve removed the glue in between that was causing the delamination.

The only thing you’ll face is that the quality of the screening experience will drop. It’ll still work fine.

But if you notice the touch screen is not working, you should contact the dealer and get the screen professionally repaired.

Is It Applicable to All Jeep Grand Cherokee Models?

Yes, the quick DIY method applies to all Jeep Grand Cherokee models. You’ll especially notice this problem mostly in the models between 2017 to 2019. Most of the time, it’s actually a manufacturing defect. So, the dealer should change the screen for you if you have a warranty. Otherwise, you can apply the DIY method at home. 

Is there Any Recall for Jeep Grand Cherokee Screen Delamination?

No, there isn’t any recall for Jeep Grand Cherokee screen delamination issue yet. Even though many Jeep Cherokee users have faced this similar type of issue, people didn’t file a case against the manufacturer. That’s why there isn’t any recall for screen delamination problem.    

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do you reset the screen on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

To reset the screen on a Jeep Grand Cherokee, first, you have to press the tuning knob and the volume button together. Keep holding it for 15 seconds, at least. Then, you’ll see the screen turned off. After a few seconds, it’ll automatically turn on. That’s how you reset the screen of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

Can I customize my Jeep screen?

Yes, you can customize the Jeep screen. You can change the settings according to your preferences.  

How much does it cost to repair the Jeep Grand Cherokee screen delamination?

It costs about $200 to $600 to repair the Jeep Grand Cherokee screen delamination. If you need to replace the screen, it can cost you as much as $1200. 

Final Words

So, this is how you can fix your Jeep Grand Cherokee screen delamination problem. Remember to be careful with the connectors and the screen underneath the digitizer. 

Once the screen is slightly damaged, you have to buy a new screen which is quite expensive. And if you have the budget, I’ll recommend not applying DIY tactics and seeking the help of a real professional.

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