How To Fix 4lo What Does 4lo Mean?

How To Fix 4lo, What Does 4lo Mean?

4Lo is a four-wheel-drive car setting that lets you use your car’s torque when you need it the most. For example, you can use this setting whenever you are stuck while climbing up a steep hill or on rough terrain like a snowy road. 

In 4Lo, the differential will send most of the power to the front wheels. This will allow you to climb a steep grade or crawl through thick mud without spinning your wheels. 

But it would be best if you took care that you cannot speed up while you have engaged 4lo mode as this mode works efficiently at low speed to give you full traction in rough roads or weather.

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When Should You Use 4Lo mode?

How To Fix 4lo, What Does 4lo Mean?

You should usually use this setting when you are stuck in mud, snow, or on a steep grade that requires a lot of traction control. In addition, this setting prevents the tire from spinning while driving. 

You can use this mode if you are off-roading or stuck in serious snow when you have limited traction, like on a dirt or gravel road, or other times requiring extra safety controls. 

However, you should not use it all the time since it sucks up extra energy, reduces your mileage, and blunts your off-road performance by slowing the vehicle. 

This setting will put your 4-wheel drive system in a low range and use your engine power to act as a front-wheel drive.

Diagnosing The Cause Of The 4Lo Light Blinking

Whenever you suffer from blinking of the 4lo light and your engine check light is on, then you should look for the issue in your vehicle. You can get the help of experts to diagnose it to get it fixed immediately, or if you know the repair, you can do it for yourself too. 

So look for the below-given tips to diagnose the car to make it stop blinking.

  1. Check for loose connection or wire break inside the 4WD controller box. This could cause the flashing light.  
  2. Worn differential pinion oil seals may cause the same issue, so try to add some type of transmission fluid or synthetic oil, if possible, and try again.
  3. You can try to flush transmission fluid by adding some straight flush transmission fluid in your transfer case and try it.

The flooding problem in the transfer case could also be the reason for the 4lo light flashing. 

You will have to change the transfer case oil filled with a small amount of transmission fluid first, and if it still flashes, then replace the transfer case oil seals for sure. If it is still flashing, this is the problem, or you can call the car care professional.

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Why Is My 4lo Light Flashing?

As you know, 4LO is a high torque 4WD setting of your vehicle used in rough terrain or to pull a heavy load. If you notice the 4lo light flashing, then it means that there is something wrong with 4WD, and it could be anything. 

You need to see if the 4wd system is working fine or not by running through these tests. There could be anything from faulty wires to issues in the actuator or rear diff locker. 

Now you are going to learn about the causes of 4lo light flashing.

  • The Actuator: 

When you hear the sound of 4lo light flashing, then the first thing to check is the actuator. The actuator is a device that lets you engage 4WD on your vehicle. It has motors and a rotor that allows the driver to change from 2WD to 4WD. 

If the actuator is damaged, then it will not respond to any commands and may damage your 4wd function or will not let your 4Lo be able to engage.

  • Real Diff Locker: 

Suppose your 4lo light flashing means that your diff locker is damaged or some part of the diff locker is broken. If it happens, there will be no reaction of 4Lo, and you can’t engage or disengage 4low anymore.

  • Transfer case: 

The transfer case is the part of the SUV or truck that transfers the power and torque to the front and rear axles to move the vehicle forward. Sometimes if the transfer case is damaged, then 4Lo light flashing happens, and you need to replace it immediately.

  • The Wire: 

A few things could cause 4lo light flashing related to wires and connections. 

The first thing which could be wrong is the wires and connections. If you notice some short or loss in the wiring, it can lead to this issue.

It is an easy fix if it is just a short between two connectors or the connector itself. 

So check all your connectors one by one and make sure they are not loose connections, and all are tight connections with no issues like broken wire, bad connection, fuse, or something else wrong.

How To Fix The Issues Of Blinking 4lo Light?

Flashing check engine and traction and 4LO lights fix

To start fixing the blinking issue, you should know why and what has triggered the engine check light. 

So, you can check for several causes, such as a faulty actuator, transfer case, etc. You can also have a problem in the vacuum valve assembly of your car that is causing the lights to blink. 

To fix this issue, replace the old and faulty vacuum valve assembly with a new one. You can also take your car to an expert mechanic to replace it properly. 

You can do the same if you discover another faulty component in your vehicle.

But if you have already checked the actuator, transfer case, and the engine check light hasn’t stopped blinking, it can be a faulty signal too. 

You can check the signals using scanning the codes of your car. The fault codes will help you identify the exact cause of the problem and tell you how to solve it. 

Knowing how to read fault codes is essential to fixing your car correctly. You can find fault code readers in various shops to help you find and fix the problem in your vehicle. 

Thus 4Lo light blinking could mean a few problems with your car. It could indicate an electrical problem with the transmission, a sensor that is not working correctly, or an electrical grounding problem. 

To fix this issue, you will want to diagnose which of these it is. Then you can take care of it and get back on the road.

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