How Far Can You Drive Without Key Fob

You can drive far without a key fob. But the problem is that when you stop the car, you can not start it back again. Because it requires a key to start. There are other methods to help you out, but we recommend consulting professionals on starting your car or getting another key fob for you.

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Will My Car Shut Off Without My Key Fob?

No, your car will not shut off without your key fob. You can keep driving until you decide to turn off the ignition system. However, once you turn off the car, you won’t be able to start it again without the key fob. In some cars, you might get a warning if the key fob isn’t detected while you’re driving.

Can You Drive Away Without a Key Fob?

Yes, you can drive away the car without the key fob if the engine is running. 

If you are at the park, you can easily shift to driving without any issue. But if you are not running and lose your key fob, you will not be able to drive the car, which will become a problem for you.

How Long Will a Car Run Without a Key Fob?

You can drive a car without a key fob for a bit, but it won’t turn off on its own. The car will keep running until it either runs out of fuel or you manually turn off the ignition system.

How Far Can You Drive Without Key Fob?

But here’s the thing – once you turn off the car, you won’t be able to start it again without the key fob. Different cars have different key fob ranges, and some might warn you if the key fob isn’t detected while you’re driving.

How Far Away Does A Key Fob Work?

A key fob can work about 5-20 meters from your car. The keyless remote contains a short-range radio transmitter that will only work about a few meters, which is 5-20 meters from your car. 

If you push a button, it will send code signals through the radio waves with the help of a receiver unit available in your vehicle; it will also lock and unlock the door. If your car is further away, it will not be possible for you to use the car fob. 

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What Happens If I Lost My Key Fob?

Even if you lose the Key Fob, then it will be possible for you to unlock the car and then start it.

The key fob is the readily available programmable products so easily, and you will not even require any unique tool. If you want, then you can also find that at the dealership, auto parts stores, or online store.

Can I Start My Car Without A Key?

While it’s technically possible to start a car without a key fob using alternative methods, it’s crucial to be aware that some of these methods can harm the car and may be seen as a breach of its security system. 

Common methods include: 

  • Using a key code
  • The screwdriver-hammer technique
  • hotwiring the engine
  • Finding the red coil wire. 

However, using these methods can cause damage to the car and its security system. It’s advisable to consult a professional when facing such situations for the best and safest resolution.

How Can You Start Your Car Without A Key?

Start Your Car Without A Key

You can also start the car by bypassing the ignition lock, which will be possible only if you have lost your car keys.

One of the essential elements that you need to start your car is a Key. You can start the car quickly if you have lost your keys. 

First, you need to bypass the ignition lock, and then you can connect the ignition cord to the cord of the battery. You can follow that by touching the starter cord with the connection. 

Can A Car With Keyless Ignition Be Stolen?

Yes, it is possible that your car can be stolen without the keys.

It also depends on the particular model and the situation. For example, some models will have a keyless entry that will help you unlock the door when the key fob is closed. 

But it will also have the conventional key, which you can physically put in the ignition to start your car.

People often think that with the newer technology, it would be possible to protect your car from theft, but it is not. Your vehicle can still be stolen because, with the modern car, the thieves are also getting smarter. They can still steal your car if you have a keyless car.

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Why Does Key Fob Not Work Far Away?

When the range between your car and the Key Fob starts increasing, then the battery starts to diminish is go dead.

When you replace the battery, that will become the remedy for you, and it becomes simpler for you. In addition, there will be a slit in the Key Fob on the side from where you can replace the battery, making it work even from a far distance.


You can drive far without a key fob but the problem is that as soon as you stop the car, you might not be able to get the car starting again. To fix this problem, make sure to consult professionals for a solution and keep the key fob within reach to avoid such hassle.

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