Headlight Range Control Defective; What Should I Do?

Headlight Range Control Defective; What Should I Do?

If you notice the red light or warning signs that say the Headlight range control is defective, do not worry. It means that your headlight range control system is disengaged temporarily. 

The warning sign hints that there is something wrong with the headlight range control unit or control system, and it needs repair. 

Thus you should not panic if you do not know anything about this warning sign or the headlight range control. First, in this condition, you need to take your car to a good mechanic for a proper diagnosis of what went wrong in the headlights or the control unit. 

They are the experts and know how to fix this issue. If you want to know more about this problem or what headlight range control is and what it does, then keep reading this guide to get all you need.

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What Is A Headlight Range Control System?

Headlight range control is an automatic system in cars and other vehicles which adjusts the operating range of headlights by adjusting the angle of headlight lamps. 

By adjusting headlamps, vehicles can overcome blind spots and improve vision for drivers. Headlights can be broken into low beams and high beams, which illuminate the road at two different distances. 

The light from the low beams is aimed to illuminate proximity, while the lights from the high beams help a driver see farther ahead of them. Thus, headlight range control is a sensor-based system that adjusts the angle of your car’s headlight, which lets you see all the time.

This is the latest safety system that every high-end car has for its customers to keep headlight beams away from harming anybody during the night. 

For example, stopping at the red light with a high beam on disturbs the other driver in the front as the beam directly goes into his eyes, and a person could have trouble seeing the path during the night.

 ‘Headlight range control system ‘ is an advanced safety feature that provides comfort to all the drivers driving during the night by avoiding the chances of poking lights into someone’s eyes to make them blind-sighted. 

This could be dangerous and can lead to accidents on the roads.

But headlights range control automatically senses the situation and slightly lowers the headlight angle. Hence, they generally point towards the road rather than someone’s eyes when the car is stationary. 

But as you accelerate, the headlight begins to point back at the front road at a normal angle it was. This whole process is automatic, and as your vehicle does that, it also notifies you by giving the sign on your car’s dashboard computer screen.

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What Is Headlight Range Control Defective?

Headlight range control works on a sensor-based system, so it is normal for the sensor to go wrong or stop working due to minor accidents or bumps. 

So if any defect or problem occurs in the headlight control system or the sensors, you will notice the warning lights and indicators in your car’s dashboard. Thus the error headlight range control defective will appear on the screens if there is an issue.

What Is Headlight Range Control Defective?

So if the future you notice the warning lights turned on in the future, you do not need to panic as sensors are delicate; it can also be a false warning that will be turned off once you restart the engine of your car. But if it is not turning off, you have a problem. 

Also, when the sensors fail, there is not much you can do except be careful while driving during the night. 

If you notice any warning lights on your dashboard, there is an excellent chance that one or both of the headlight range control system sensors have failed. 

You can go to a garage and ask them to check whether it is due to the sensor failure or other problems. You will have to replace it if it is due to sensor failure; otherwise, the alert lights will keep turning on until you get it fixed. 

Headlight range control is a system of a car that will automatically adjust headlights following lighting conditions. It uses sensors to detect the presence or absence of vehicles or obstacles ahead. 

It will automatically increase or decrease the light range depending upon the road conditions or the presence of any other vehicle. And thus, it is an important safety feature that you should get fixed as soon as possible if it is broken.

How To Fix The Headlight Range Control Defective?

Whenever you receive the error of headlight range control defective, most probably it is due to the headlight range level sensors. The sensors are delicate and can be broken easily due to bumps or high-speed driving. 

The range sensors are installed in the front of the headlights, and if you see the sensor hanging down. Then you got your problem. 

You need to replace it with a new one, and your problem will be solved. 

If you do not find it, then follow these steps to fix it.  

  1. Remove the headlight and look for the range sensor. You may come across a small screw on each end of the sensors and remove those screws, and then you need to open up the cover of the headlight; looking into there, you will find two range sensors.
  1. You have to clean out all the range sensors that are old by washing them with water or using a cotton fiber which helps you to clean the sensor properly. Next, check the headlight place and other components and if they are broken or disconnected from their holder. 
  1. Once you are done with that, install a new range sensor and connect the output signals of the headlight and the range sensor.
  1. After this, you have to change the headlight, which is possible by following the same procedure you did on range sensors but rather replacing them. 

 If you find any problem in a process, seek help from an expert or any other person who is expertly known in this field. Also, if you notice that the sensor is fine, you can take your car to the mechanic shop to see whether you have issues with your car’s headlight range control unit.

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