duralast vs monroe vs gabriel

Duralast vs Monroe vs Gabriel: A Complete Comparison

There are so many companies making different parts for vehicles. But a few companies’ names come up more than others. 

Confused by duralast vs monroe vs gabriel

Monroe offers the best quality and performance but it comes at a higher price. Gabriel shocks offer solid performance. Duralast offers good performance as well but there are some complaints regarding the shock qualities. All three companies offer lifetime warranties on select shocks. 

This just touches on the things you need to know. All the details can be found right in this article. 

General Overview: Duralast vs Monroe vs Gabriel

There are many things that you need to know. But first here is a table highlighting some of the basic information you need to know. 

QualityHigh but has complaintsVery highHigh
PerformanceImproves ride comfortImproves ride comfort in harsh driving conditionsGreat for off-roading
Compatibility Wide range of compatibility
Warranty Lifetime warranty for select shocks
Price of Strut$150 to $250$100 to $300$100 to $400

In-depth Comparison: Duralast vs Monroe vs Gabriel

This section will have the nitty-gritty of the comparison.


Aftermarket car components are sold under a variety of brand names, including Duralast, Monroe, and Gabriel. The quality of their goods might differ. This can be based on both the product itself and the individual’s experience.

AutoZone manufactures a variety of components and equipment for automobiles under the brand name Duralast.

In order to assure that Duralast components are of first-world quality, they are put through rigorous testing by a third party. 

Quality control analysts from a third party examine both the inside and outside engineering of the shock. They conduct further checks on the selection of components, as well as performance testing and the overall construction.

Because of this, the vast majority of buyers have said that the items are long-lasting and sturdy. But there are others who have reported problems with components failing not long after they were installed.

On the other hand, Monroe is well renowned for creating components of high quality. It is especially famous for its suspension and shock absorbers.

The dependability, quality, and competitive price offered by Monroe are sufficient for the majority of customers. For a very long time, Monroe has been a market leader. And they are a supplier of original components to a variety of different manufacturers. Customers often comment that Monroe shocks are long-lasting and have solid functionality.

Gabriel is another highly acclaimed brand. They are well-known for manufacturing shock absorbers and other suspension components of superior quality. Customers have consistently praised the Gabriel brand for producing dependable and high-performing shocks.

Gabriel is a pioneer in the automobile industry and one of the “OGs.” The company has for a very long time produced suspension components of the highest possible quality. 

They have been developing new ideas and growing their operations in tandem with advances in automobile technology. Struts and shocks manufactured by Gabriel are among the most technologically sophisticated available today.

Winner: Monroe wins in terms of quality. It has the least amount of complaints among the three companies. 

duralast vs monroe
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The performance level depends on the specific shock. 

The shocks that are either completely similar to or substantially comparable to the original shocks of the car will provide the smoothest ride possible. 

The Monroe OE Spectrum is widely regarded as having one of the best valves. That is in terms of how it handles the road and how comfortable it is.

But in general, Monroe and Gabriel are two well-respected companies. They are recognized for creating high-quality products that function well and give a smooth ride. 

Customers often note that both Monroe & Gabriel shock absorbers are long-lasting. Also, the shock absorbers are efficient in lowering the amount of noise and vibrations while driving.

However, Gabriel manufactures certain Duralast shocks.  So the companies sell a few models of shock that are the same just under different labels. There is some debate over the items’ level of quality.

Therefore, it can be said without a doubt that Monroe and Gabriel produce superior shocks. Shocks and struts manufactured by Gabriel are superior in design for providing a more stable ride when off-roading. While shocks and struts from Monroe are designed to provide a more comfortable ride on the highway.

Note that shocks work in tandem with other different parts of the car. So sometimes you may feel like the shock is performing poorly. But in reality, the brake system of your Ford might be to blame for the poor performance. 

Winner: Monroe wins this round by a slight margin for its more well-balanced performance. 


Each of the three companies produces a diverse selection of shock absorbers. They are intended to be compatible with a large variety of automobile manufacturers’ models. 

However, it is essential that you examine the particulars of the shock that you are contemplating purchasing. This is in order to confirm that it is suitable for use with your vehicle. Typically, this information may be found in the product handbook or on the website for the product itself.

However, you have the opportunity to install the shocks and struts on your car by yourself. This offers you more customization options. But you can only do this using components that are widely compatible with different models and easy to install. Such as the shocks offered by Duralst, Gabriel, and Monroe. 

With higher compatibility and ease of installation, you can save money on the labor expenses of technicians. And become even more involved in your vehicle.

Winner: This round has no winner. All three companies offer a wide range of compatibility options for their shocks.  


Different goods and manufacturers, such as Duralast, Monroe, and Gabriel, each have their own unique policies regarding warranty coverage.

In most cases, aftermarket automobile parts are accompanied by some kind of restricted guarantee. 

The duration of the warranty as well as its conditions might vary. 

Therefore, it is essential to examine the particular warranty information for the shock that you are contemplating purchasing. This information is normally accessible on the product website or in the user manual for the shock.

As an example, Duralast provides a limited lifetime guarantee on a selection of its shock absorbers. 

On the other hand, Monroe provides a limited lifetime guarantee on its Monroe OESpectrum and Monroe Quick-Strut shocks. But the warranty is only valid for the original purchaser. 

The following items are included under Monroe’s lifetime warranty coverage:

  • Monroe OESpectrum Monroe Reflex
  • Monroe Quickstrut
  • Monroe GasMagnum

On their Gabriel Ultra product line, Gabriel extends a limited lifetime guarantee to its customers.

The following Gabriel shock has lifetime warranty coverage:

  • Ultra shocks and struts
  • Struts with a ReadyMount mounting system

Remember that the condition of the part can make it ineligible for warranty. This is true for all car parts including ACC FCW sensors, brakes, and everything else. 

Winner: Monroe wins this round because it offers a lifetime warranty over more of its shocks. 


monroe vs gabriel
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The costs of shocks made by Duralast, Monroe, and Gabriel differ significantly. And the price tag only contains the price of the shock. Installation costs are usually never included in the prices. 

A replacement for a standard shock absorber and strut might cost anywhere from $450 to $1,100 depending on the model.

There are a number of elements that might influence the price of a shock absorber. The degree of engineering and technology involved, and the amount of personalization that is given. The quality of the materials that are utilized also falls into special consideration in determining the price.

Prices for Duralast struts and shocks start at around $150 per. In addition, their prices might go as high as $250. Meanwhile, Gabriel struts may be purchased for anywhere between $100 and $300. The price of Monroe struts may vary anywhere from $100 to more than $400.

Winner: Gabriel wins this round because of its more accessible price range. 

Which One to Choose

Duralst, Monroe, and Gabriel are all trusted brands that offer great service. While considering between the three your primary concern should be which one is the best fit for your car. 

But in general, Monroe makes the highest-quality shocks. It had the most well-rounded shock line up in our opinion. Though they come at a steep price. 

Gabriel shocks and suspension are a great option too. And you cannot go wrong with Duralast either. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long do Gabriel shocks last?

On average, high-quality aftermarket shocks like Gabriel can last between 50,000 to 100,000 miles, with proper maintenance and under normal driving conditions. However, the exact lifespan of Gabriel shocks can vary depending on the specific product and the driving conditions it is exposed to.

Are Monroe shocks made in China?

Yes, some Monroe shock absorbers are manufactured in China. Monroe is a global company with manufacturing facilities in multiple countries, including China. It is important to note that the manufacturing location does not necessarily reflect the quality of the shock.

Should I replace all 4 shocks at the same time?

In general, it is recommended to replace all four shock absorbers at the same time if one or more are showing signs of wear or are no longer functioning properly. Replacing only one or two shock absorbers can result in an uneven and potentially unsafe ride.


And with that we know so much more about duralast vs monroe vs gabriel. The choice mainly should be centered around your car’s compatibility. But the other aspects you may want to know about have been discussed here. 

Good luck!

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